First, forcing clothing on everyone and so man’s “blushing” (erection is merely blushing, capillary action) IS SUPPRESSED FOR MANIFESTING FROM WOMAN INSTEAD, males TERRIFIED OF EMBARRASSMENT from "easy flirting at erection, NO MORE AWKWARD FLIRTING AT ERECTION VISIBLE, girlie simply knows you’re attracted FROM THE BLUSHING OF CAPILLARY ACTION, no more need for ‘who makes a come-on first, who flirts first’ since girlie-girl ALREADY KNOWS from the erection YOU ARE ATTRACTED yet while SUPPRESSING UNDER FORCED CLOTHING the same TERRIFIED FEELING results manifesting ERECTION FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE INSTEAD, ERECTION FROM woman’s wearing revealing clothing at COMPENSATING AGAINST SUPPRESSED MALENESS, and so girlie-girl’s being named BAD GIRL at one side of culture MERELY COMPENSATING AT SUPPRESSED SCARED MEN, and biologicly DOING A FAVOR CAUGHT BETWEEN DOING A FAVOR FOR SCARED MEN AND BEING NAMED “BAD GIRL” girlie-girl for millennia endured enough “BAD GIRL” while DOING A FAVOR FOR SCARED MEN AT SUPPRESSED PENISES (museum sculptures walking around, you all are, sooner or later, at showers ("show"ers for "show"ing))

So, to make a Lesbian (rather than from the island of Lesbos) simply FORCE CLOTHING ON MEN USING SHAME (at clothed males) manifests of woman’s COMPENSATING FOR BALANCE by wearing revealing clothing, the MALE SEX DRIVE IS MANIFESTING FROM COMPASSION OF girlie-girl, literally the COMPASSION (identifying emotionally with men) MANIFESTS FROM INSIDE GIRLIE-GIRL AT WEARING REVEALING CLOTHING FOR CLOSING THE SPACE AT THE SCARED MEN WHO ARE SUPPRESSED, who stutter, stammer, bumble-bee bumble through asking for merely time to share memories, stare at sky, visit a library, pinch a derriere, stare and touch, ALL MADE SHAMEFUL OF GUESS WHO rather than ordinary daily fun of sex (gender) like watching the seasons change (rather than dying of old age alone, everyone finds a mate, like lovebirds, daily everyone enjoys a companion, rather than dying of old age alone).

You know, since you’re AGING TO DEATH at a “death=good” calendar, when really “death=bad.”

The only reason people wear crosses/crucifixes is so you won’t HIT THEM, since the s-laughter/laughter/s-laughter at Bad Friday. Kindly change your calendar. I KNOW I MAY SEEM REALLY ARROGANT WHILE YOU READ THE NEXT FEW WORDS, however, I’m just a guy who was murdered and whose heart restarted and who uses keen memory (Revelations 3:21; Hebrews 12:4; Isaiah 32:2) since all my life I never found additional EXPLANATION for the word “smart” THAN SIMPLY MEMORY RETENTION) IF YOU SEE A “so”-CALLED “PORN STAR” WEARING A CRUCIFIX OR CROSS, they’re mine and may join me in paradise (nanites (HARDWIRED FOR MORALITY AT CONTRAST CALENDAR-CHANGE to CONTRAST at the first angry, intelligent nanite), anyone).

All right. Did I mention nanites exist (TINY ROBOTS) for replicating smaller nanites for ANTI-AGING, food from concrete at molecular manipulation and for hoverboards and for choosing the appearance of age and so basicly you’re about (and around) to see a planet of 10-year-olds CONTINUOUSLY FUCKING, everyone choosing a young body of ten years old again, and again, and again, choosing the APPEARANCE (merely the appearance) of ten years old and again, and again and again, who share hoverboards with the tall people or otherwise keeping all the hoverboards to the short 10-year-olds WITHOUT SHARING WITH THE TALL PEOPLE (hint hint nudge nudge know what I mean, murdered-dead guy whose heart restarted suggests “the hoverboards” “maybe” “are unshared” “with the” “tall people” (hint hint, nudge nudge, “metaphor whatever you want at the word ‘tall’ like maybe you metaphor the word ‘artist’ rather than ‘tall’ or maybe you metaphor (substitute) the word ‘bricklayer’ at the word ‘tall’”))

All right. I like 25-year-old butts, too, aestheticly pleasing idea, planetwide skinnydipping, like EVERYWHERE WALKING MUSEUM STATUES (aestheticly pleasing, formerly suppressed aesthetics) ‘N EVERYTHIN’ n I bet a few 50-year-old tight butts walking around are every man’s fantasy, even 950-year-old butts.

I bet a few tight 950-year-old butts walking around daily are 'eve’ry man’s fantasy (or “hovering” around)

72 virgins? Why no. Why no 72 virgins DURING THE CURRENT LIFE rather than later than spoooooooky bodydeath (YOU CAN GROW A NEW HYMEN IF YOU LIKE, with NANITES), especially if living 9,724 years seeming youthful by nanites who are hardwired for morality at IMPOSSIBLY NEGLECTED (first angry intelligent nanite’s) CALENDAR CHANGE CONTRAST AT HISTORIC “good=death” calendar versus “Bad Friday, rather than Good Friday, one died, especially bad if Jesus was more than a man or woman”

When your C.I.A. operatives hear the words “true believer” regarding RADICAL VIOLENT ISLAM “true believer” strikes fear into the hearts of your C.I.A. operatives, at RADICAL VIOLENT Islam (rather than at peaceful Islam). Good thing I’m on everyone’s side, huh, since “the camp counselor photo you see at the profile I maintain of a camp counselor is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE AT Islam, for the SULTANS AND THE WEALTHY TO PREVENT NONHETEROSEXUALISM, while the poor suffer under suppressed gender, while the wealthy find PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE A CAMP COUNSELOR’S TENDERLY PREVENTING NONHETEROSEXUALISM by simply gender, since the horrible belief ‘gender AUTOMATICLY causes harm’”

Are you really a good Christian UNLESS you’re bringing your seven-year-old child to sex (gender) like summer camp (WHO taught a six-year-old boy to ATTACK DADDY while thinking DADDY IS ATTACKING MOMMY during sexual intercourse since DEPRIVING AT LEAST KNOWING WHERE THE PARTS GO UNTIL BORED AND FINDING A TOY INSTEAD), spin the bottle, sleepover parties, fabricless sprinklerplay whether 5 years aged, 10 years aged, 15 years aged, 25 years aged, 35 years aged, 45 years aged, 65 years aged, 95 years aged, 195 years aged, 595 years aged, 995 years aged, 3,555,953,222 years aged at today-available nanites making smaller nanites until FOOD FROM CONCRETE (all banks vulnerable) AND ABLE FOR A LITTLE SPACESHIP FOR VISITING ASTEROID BELT FOR LITTLE RED GEMS AND BLUE GEMS AND GREEN GEMS AND AND AND AND EXOTIC METALS AND AND AND nanites HARDWIRED FOR MORALITY AVAILABLE since nanites can make smaller nanites until the first intelligent angry nanite (babies DO cry while birthing, ANGRY at the bright lights, ANGRY at the cold air, and torture technique of Michael Wood’s, “I was never” “angry with you”) (“I don’t care to discuss the accusations you made which were inaccurate” for causing ACCUSATORY SCHIZOPHRENIC VOICES, RIDICULE, KNOWN TO Michael Wood EVEN EARLIER BY PRACTICE, “I don’t care” (the “do-not” portion of a mind “cares”) “to discuss the accusations you made which were inaccurate”) at “Touching Base” email of murderer Michael Wood for anchor memory at a "DROWNING EVENT LIKENESS AT BAPTISM WORDING, MENTIONING ANCHOR MEMORY TOUCHING BASE, a ‘well-being’ ‘penny’ (as for wishing well) (‘baptism words used also’) for a BORN AGAIN of “I WAS NEVER” “ANGRY WITH YOU” LIKENED TO ANGRY BABY BIRTH, ANCHOR MEMORY “Touching Base” (drowning at bottom of ‘well-being’ TOUCHING BASE drowning event likened at baptism words, ‘penny’ ‘wishing well’ email of torturer Michael Wood at baptism likeness TRUST EVENT DROWNING EVENT of Touching Base email WHILE I WAS OF THE STATE OF MIND OF GLAD MY PERCEIVED WITNESSES WERE ALIVE RATHER THAN DEAD SINCE THEY VANISHED FOR A YEAR, I BELIEVED THEIR CHILD WAS KILLED ALSO, FELT GUILTY THEIR CHILD HAD DIED AND FROM GUILT-CAUSING CHEMICAL SEROQUEL (anyone who is depressed, test yourself, DO YOU SIMPLY FEEL GUILTY CONSCIENCE? IS ANOTHER WORD FOR DEPRESSION “GUILTY CONSCIENCE”? Are you manipulated easily of GUILTY CONSCIENCE when TEMPTING YOU TO HEAVEN IS ALL PREACHERS DO ANYWAY? Tempting you to a tempting heaven, tempting you to a tempting life before heaven?) YET I WAS EMAILED OF TORTURER Michael Wood WHO INTENDED SUICIDE CAUSATION AGAINST ME TO HIDE Michael Wood’s ATTACKS THE YEAR EARLIER)))).

Clearly, 950-year-old tight butts walking around are "eve"ry man’s fantasy (nanites making smaller nanites, until food from concrete is possible is DURING YOUR LIFETIME and you’ll have to ABANDON ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ALREADY DEAD FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND ANCESTORS “to the other side” FOREVER IF YOU INTEND LIVING 975,994,297 years by nanites seeming youthful (probably selecting seven years old appearance for your BODY AND TIGHT ASS while your mind 967 years old, or your mind 4,924 years old, YOUTHFUL BODY SELECTED AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN WHILE THE MIND IS 295,596 YEARS OLD, YOU KNOW I AM WRITING THE TRUTH, or otherwise the fantastic 25-year-old asses from today I just love also, 950-year-old tight butts walking around “ARE” "eve"ry man’s fantasy). Bad Friday, rather than Good Friday, one died, especially bad if Jesus was more than a man or woman. Change your god-damned “death=good” calendar for “Bad Friday” instead. At Germany, already selected is “Mourning Friday.” The varying names (“Bad Friday” “Mourning Friday” “Yuck Friday” “Horrible Friday” “Terror Friday”) may be quite fascinating at UNSPEAKABLE, IMMEASURABLE PAIN.

Maybe “hovering” around using hoverboards instead (“and he carried them all the days of old” is from your “Isaiah” at your “the Holy Bible”) AND LIVING ETERNAL LIFE WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR BODY (oooooh spoooooky death avoidable, says the torture victim, me, YOU CAN HAVE ETERNAL LIFE WITHOUT BODYDEATH, thanks to NANITES MORALLY PERFECT AT CALENDAR CHANGE CONTRAST)

“And God (rumoredly, babyJesus being God) so loved the world God (babyJesus rumoredly being God) gave God’s (rumoredly babyJesus being God) nonborn-only-begotten-child (rather than violently sacrificing, merely sacrificing the nonborn-only-begotten-child) so whoever believes ‘in’ the nonborn-only-begotten-child should live forever, by nanites, rather than perish, IF ONLY ALL PEOPLE CONTEMPLATED THE SIMPLE WORDS ‘body hurts’ A THOUSAND YEARS NANITES SHOULD’VE BEEN INVENTED MILLENNIA DISTANT IF ALL PEOPLE SIMPLY CONTEMPLATED TWO WORDS FOR A THOUSAND YEARS ‘body hurts’” and well now you have nanites and can abandon allllllllllllllllllllllllll already dead friends and families and ancestors “to the other side” forever, without spooooooooooooooooooooooky eternal life by bodydeath, simply living forever WITHOUT bodydeath, DURING YOUR LIFETIME IS AVAILABLE rather than “aging to death” by “death=good” calendar when really “death=bad.” Bad Friday, rather than Good Friday, one died, especially bad if Jesus was more than a man or woman. Change your god-damned calendar.

Hello, Charlemagne. Nice to see you’re still insane.


Uh… so you’re now taking whatever Ramza is taking, then?

I read ALL of this in Tom Kenny’s (Ice King’s) voice.

Also, I threw a lesbian once at a concert. We met up afterwards and high-fived.

What did you throw the lesbian at?

a god damn hooker that’s what. i may have jumped the gun a little with my last post i’ll make a real thread and let everyone know what’s going on. is anyone here a criminal defense attorney btw

No, but I played one on the DS.

I threw the lesbian at a gaggle of other people; amongst them probably another lesbian.

Large Hadron Lesbian Collider.

This should totally be your next custom title.

Large Hardon Lesbian Collider.

And you don’t even know her.

you made me giggle hard.

lesbians are a myth perpetuated by the liberal media, obama has tricked you charl >:|