HOW TO HEXEditor???

:thinking: I am playing the first dragonball z game for the nes on my computer. I have gotten pretty far but I really am getting tired of spending hours training my characters. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to use HEXeditor to raise my characters stats.


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So can someone who is not a bitch help me.


I think I know what game you’re talking about. If you know how to use an Hex editor, than go here

If you don’t, than still go there. The offsets listed there are for FWNES, which I don’t know much about, I use FCEU, but here’s what I do (I cheat without the hex editor). Using FCEU, or another emulator with the cheat menu, type in the current value of your experience (BP in this game, I think) in hex, and hit search. It should bring up a few offsets with the same number. Now, fight a battle and after you gain experience, see which offset has “grown” by that same number. If there’s only one, than that’s your experience level. Double click it and enter FF (FF FF for some emulators) and your experience will be max.

I’m not exactly sure how this will affect this game, but it works with the other games I’ve tried it on. I know it’s kinda confusing, but mess around, and you’ll figure it out.

If you want to use an Hex editor, than look at the link, load your savestate in any hex editor and search for the offsets listed. After this, all you have to do is edit the current value to FF, and pooF! Good luck, if you need any more help, just ask. Also, if that’s not the game you’re playing, just say so and I’ll post a link for the one.

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