How To Get Rid Of A Nosebleed

You know, before I pass out.

Stop watching porn.

Don’t tilt your head back, and hope your blood clots.

Tilt your head back. Maybe lie down. It will drip out from the back of your nose into your mouth, instead of all over your face.

You people should have posted more…passes out

Tilt your head back approximately 56 degrees, assuming you’re making a 90 degree with your head, and your neck, going out behind you, so the blood will drip fairly slowly, allowing it to dry up as it drops at the opposite angle of the 56 degrees. I suggest lying on a flat surface, to allow the blood to drip better, although it is not at a 56 degree angle, but it works, if not, it works 154% better.*

Hold your nose, tilt your head back, and drown in your own blood.

That doesn’t make you drown, Trill. I do it all the time, and it wor

Turn your head and cough.

You do not tilt your head back with a nosebleed - you tilt it forward to eliminate the chance of aspirating. Pinching the nerves where your bone sticks out on your nose slows down the blood flow, and gives it a better chance of clotting up. Hold up some kleenex or paper towels or something to keep from your face getting covered in blood. Re-emphasis: Do NOT tilt your head back or lie down like everyone else said - you run the risk of aspirating.

Aspirating… not familiar with that word. Definition?

And, I always tilt my head back, and/or lie down. It works for me.

Turn the nearest water faucet on cold water, keep your nose under the stream for a while, and stick a rolled piece of toilet paper up the bleeding nostril (After you’ve dried it, of course!)

dip a paper napkin in alchohol and sniff it from a safe distance.Itll dry up the blood.

Would pouring Hydrogen Peroxide in your nose stop it, or make it worse?


Drink water from the far side of the glass

Drink the blood of a virgin who has survived a nose bleed.