How much does a Wonderswan cost?

Well, I couldn’t post it anywhere else, because it didn’t tie in with the topic…

I’m thinking of buying a Wonderswan, but I need to know if they have any good games, and is it expensive.

You’d need to import it; it was never released in any English-speaking country. I don’t know if they even make them any more. You’d have to try eBay.

Its not worth it.

From what I hear, the only things worth getting on it are the remaks of the first three FFs. Just get FF Origens. Just as good, and in English. :hahaha;

Well, it looks pretty cool, and they say it is much more advanced than a GBA… and they don’t make english games for WS? My need for it just went down 40%.

Basically, there are two Wonderswan systems, the Wonderswan (which is black and white), and the Wonderswan Color, which… has color. I’ll assume you’re talking about the Wonderswan Color.

The Wonderswan Color is not “more advanced” than the GBA. The GBA’s hardware is superior to the WSC’s. And no, the WSC was never released outside of Japan, so the games will all be in Japanese for the most part.

However, don’t listen to the people who say the FF remakes were the only good games for the system. It was a pretty good system, and it had its share of excellent games nobody heard of outside of Japan (STAR HEARTS!). You should be able to get the system for only about 30 bucks on Ebay easily. If playing games in Japanese bothers you, don’t get a WSC. If it doesn’t bother you, and you want a cheap portable, with some good games that can be imported, the WSC may be up your alley.

Well, I can’t buy it in Canada? I got like, 50$, I can’t buy online though.

Well, you probably won’t be able to get it at all if you can’t buy it online. Unless you have a video game store near you that sells imported games, you’re probably out of luck.

Oh… well, let’s hope either EBgames or Gamerama has one.