How much do you think Cloud's sword weighs in RL?

I figure 'bout 150 lbs or so.

150 lbs!? That’s pretty damn heavy… then again, the sword isn’t exactly small, but anything heavier than 40lbs and you’d have a hell of a hard time swinging it. :-/

They actually made an IRL Buster Sword once… can’t remember for the life of me how much it weighed

Probably about 30 pounds.

40 to 45 pounds

I’d say, 60+ punds…
The sword is almost as tall as Cloud himself… and the sword looks pretty thick too. :enguard:

I’d say 75 pounds would be a pretty safe bet.

4.500 pounds, exactly

Considering his build, it’d have to be quite light. I’m in the 40 range. I assume the sword is really really thin on the sides.

That is assuming that the entire blade was made of aluminum. And that model guy looks like he’s from the Matrix…

Lets face it, a sword like that would be ridiculously hefty. Much too heavy for anyone to swing around, and definitely too heavy for Cloud to do his “victory twirl” with. Judging by the sheer size of it, and assuming that its made of a strong material… At least 90 pounds.

It says “functionality: no contact use” and to be honest, I’m not surprised- something that big, that light, and made out of aluminium, would warp like fuck the second you tried to attack anything with it.

Not only that, but that “replica” is out of proportion . . . unless that Japanese Matrix wannabe is like 12 feet tall.

Scottish Claymores were about 10 bounds. 10 pounds is a bigass chunk of iron to haul around. I would guess the Buster Sword was roughly the same length, just broader. You’d have about a 30-40 pound sword. Supposing it was made out of carbon steel, and not that shitty Pakistani stainless. Stainless is heavier anyways.

A katana is about 3-4lbs. I’d say the buster sword is about 3 times as thick as a katana, about 4 times as broad, and about 3 times as long. That’s about 36 katanas. I’d say it’d be about 100-130lbs.

A 45lb Buster Sword wouldn’t be made of any type of metal that’s fit for weapons. And a 120lb Buster Sword is too heavy anyway :stuck_out_tongue: Common knowledge that it’s an impossible sword, though.

too heavy for anyone to swing around, and definitely too heavy for Cloud to do his “victory twirl” with.
You could easily twirl something that big with enough momentum.

And by the way, the sword in that picture is about 1/8 the volume of Cloud’s buster sword.

And listen to Nate, he knows what he’s talking about, lol :stuck_out_tongue: Stainless steel is the one type of steel you should NEVER use for weapons. There’s a ridiculously high amount of Chromium in it, which is what gives it it’s stainless quality. What’s actually happening is all the Carbon and Silicon, which is what makes steel hard, tough and slightly flexible so it doesn’t break, is being replaced by this Chromium.

What you end up with is a weak, brittle sword that’ll shatter in a real fight faster than you can say “Grar I shouldn’t have tried to kill someone with a wall-hanger.”

Stainless steel is like a dried out stick. You can break it effortlessly. High Carbon steel is like a green stick. You can beat it and twist it in every direction and it’ll stay intact.

Scottish Claymores weighed a great deal more than 10 pounds. They were massive blades, roughly 60-70 inches long (with hilt). I don’t know the exact mass of the sword, but I know that it required a strong individual to wield properly (thats with two hands).

And you also have to understand that if a long object is heavy, it is VERY difficult to swing around. Leverage and gravity always work against you.

No they don’t. They only work against you in a weapon with a 60" blade and a 4" handle, with a 5 ounce pommel that’s SOMEHOW supposed to counterbalance 15lbs of steel, like a Claymore.

Larger katanas sometimes have 15"-20" handles, and they’re so much more effective because they take advantage of leverage. One hand is used as a fulcrum while the other pulls the handle. That’s how katanas get the deadly shearing motion that makes it possible for their razor sharp edges to sever limbs, even with a glancing blow.

And claymores aren’t as unwieldly as you think. Ever hear of half-grip?

I always thought that Cloud’s sword weighing a lot would be possible for him to weild due to his Mako enhancement.

Hades, some Katanna’s can weigh as much as 1 pound… Can you imagine that ? it woudl be like swinging a feather !

Claymores were big ass swords, but not THAT big. they were generally between 10-15 pounds. Claymores were generally not counterbalanced, as balance didnt mean squat when you just swing like hell. those swords were made for style or balance… Claymores were in wide use before heavy armor became common. Heavy armor made such swords obsolite, and smaller thinner bladed swords came into use. Unless you have inhuman strength and the power to weild an insanely large sword that will cut your opponent in half no matter what…

It would also suck to have the handle of such a sword break on the first contact, like “aww shit, the blade was too much for the hilt…” A titanium Buster Sword would be interesting… allthough, the hardness of the metal would cause it to shatter, and would make sharpening by normal means impossible. I am gonna go get something to eat.

EDIT: I generally tend to use the word generally alot, generally.

Oriental weapons are whole different ballgame, I was referring to more medieval weapons that rely on hacking and slashing. Some examples of horribly balanced weapons include the Khopesh and longer varieties of the two-handed sword. In may cases the blades were extended/widened to the point where the weapon was quite slow and feeble.

You are right though, Katanas are very well balanced and weighted. It takes quite a bit of training to learn how to use one properly though… Unlike other weapons, you couldn’t simply pick a Katana up and expect to wield it effectively.

And Claymores ARE unwieldy. Half grips are only really useful if you want to swing the Claymore around like a Scythe, and in that case there are a variety of better weapons you could use.

Well, I’m not sure how much it would weigh, but he can use it in all of its POLYGONAL glory :stuck_out_tongue:

This reminds me of why I liked Auron so much. He had the huge sword (basically as llong as Cloud’s just not as wide I don’t think). What he did was more or less drop it on his enemy, then he hefts it onto his shoulder again. No acrobatics for this guy, but that’s ok because he’s a tank.

55 kilograms.
Which would be more than I weight!