How many grenades does it take to make a Warthog jump?


How many grenades does it take to make a Warthog jump and hit various targets?

You tell me

Blah, stuck on level 15.

I got to level 12 :\

I could only get to level 15.

I’m stuck at lv30

The trick with #12 is to start at the middle, and bounce to the left/right, hit off the wall, peak at the top one, and fall back down and bounce the wall.

Beat 30 :D, 32 is just funny.

Yeah, I got to level 30, but I had to quit before I ccould really take a crack at it…

Working on 32.

32 is freaking sick.

Yeah, I’m basically just randomly blasting.
Edit: To 33

I’ll just have to wait for it to load.

30’s pretty tricky. First one I’ve had any real trouble with.

And here’s where it all began:

Geez, 38 looks easy, but ugh, I’m stuck there currently.

Its stupidly easy until level 27.

I got bored out of my skull at level 37 so I stopped.The only hard one was 30. I hate your shirt, may I* eat it?

I’m too dumb for level 15 already ;_;
But hah! At least I had 353.8 in the penguin thing, so go away :kissy: :kissy: kicks all yer asses in everything that doesnt have to do with logical thinking

This owns. Why did you have to post it before I had a midterm? I just won number 3 after bouncing off 4 walls. I shouldn’t put so many explosives <.<;;

Explosives rock. I always have them on maximum _