How many Chapters are there in the new star Ocean 3 till the end of time game?

I just want to know.

I’m not sure how you’ve determined what the “Chapters” are, but according to an FAQ, there are 6.

I have a guide that says it’s 5 chapters. I’m not sure they screwed something up.

How long for each chapters to complete?

a guide you mean a FAQ?
you cant rely on many FAQs you have to find a good one or combine some…

I’ve never played the game, sorry. But I’m pretty sure there’s 5 or 6. Does the game actually refer to “chapters” as you play?

No it doesn’t tell me what chapter I’m in and etc.

Then the chapters are implied, so there’s no way to tell. Therefore, only you can really answer your question. If you want to know how long the game is, view an FAQ and check out how many dungeons, towns and scenes are left.

Ok thanks thats all I need for now.