How good of a gamer are you?

Name that game!

I got 13/18 on my first shot.

I did so poorly I didn’t even finish. I got 12 in and only got 2 right (both were guesses, too boot). Couldn’t they have done some NES games too? I never arcaded nor atarid much.

15/18, I missed some of the harder ones. That’s fun, though.

i got 14/18…

i missed out on some simple ones tho

15/18 I can’t believe I missed the Pitfall one but got the ET one…

13, I choked near the end.

9/18. Most were just guesses.

10/18. I’m not fammiliar with a lot of the old arcade games, and the oldest console I’ve ever owned was an NES. I’ll admit to guessing on one or two of them.

This is definately cool, though.

Uh, there are 18, not 10. :stuck_out_tongue:

10/18 also. 1 above average, I’m quite happy with that.

wooo 14 out of 18

12/18 for me

8 out of 18.

All I had back then was a PC. And I only had one game. It featured two monkeys throwing exploding bananas and was played sort of like Cannon.


Right, Gorilla.
You win a half-eaten cookie!

Hey, this is from that poorly-made documentary I was watching the other day!


13/18, not bad considering how unashamedly old-skool it was. Give me Sonic backgroud music and I’ll ace it any day of the week. :slight_smile:

10/18, alot better then I thought I would do.

11/18 for me. Defender question was easy I thought.

11/18 which is pretty good for me considering I’ve never played any oldschool arcade games ever. the Nes ones were where I was excelling.