How do you view new posts?

In this specific forum, how do you view new posts?

I always view new posts by viewing my subscriptions.

I just judge by thread title, or amount of responses. So, manually, I guess.

Generally, I just check the first post in every thread, just to see what it’s about, unless it’s obviously something I have no interest in.

I just take a quick look around whenever I show up.

No subs for me thanks.

You just aren’t cool enough to use subscriptions.

I’m not gonna let this automated forum tell me what threads to check! Manual all the way…

Plus, subscriptions became stupidly annoying when I would go away from this site for a day and come back with 42812938713 messages that I was subscribed to…

Dumb automation.

There’s a new post section? Hey, so there is. God I’m observant.

I use my eyes and mouse.