How do you like your meat?

I like mine a bit scorched, myself.

I like rare meats, particularly cheetah and snow leopard.

Personally, I like my meat to be fairly brown on the outside, however not too crispy! While remaining a little soft inside. As for “what kinds of meat?” I’ll eat practically any kind… there are very few I won’t eat… to be honest, I can’t even remember them! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like mine well done, I’ll eat them anything short of carbonized. :wink: And I’ll eat ANY type of meat, I’ve eaten rabbit and goat, which seems to disgust some people (for nonreligious reasons I mean.) I will not, however, eat any kind of seafood. I just can’t stand it, which is odd given that I was raised next to the sea.

I’m just the sarcasm and meat guy I guess. :wink: *

  • Last Airbender reference

Would you eat a dog? What about humans?

My answer would be “no” except I sometimes wonder if that rumor about street vendors’ kabobs being made out of strays is true… :wink:

Depends on the type of meat and how I’m eating it. Steak will be different from burgers will be different from pork will be different from chicken will be different from fish.

For steaks, I prefer medium. No matter what restaurant I go to, the cooks there always tend to under cook the damn things so I try to err on the side of caution. Otherwise Medium Rare.

Outside of beef though I prefer anything that isn’t prepared Nagasaki style.

IF you consider the mass amounts of animal cruelty in meat production then they are all Nagasaki style.

I use to do only well-done, but medium-rare tastes the best as far as beef.

Eight inches or up, clean and filled with spiced cream.


I like my meat big penis semen cum! hahahaha.

For steak, I like restaurants to remove the hooves and the horns then put it on the plate. Of course none will do this, so I always have to get medium rare.

For everything else, it should be thoroughly cooked.

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Was thoroughly disappointed

Also nonsense, Kairi doesn’t like meat