How Disney influenced Anime

You might recall I mentioned this recently, but here’s an article that explores it better:

One caveat, Disney did not “create” Manga (comics) they already existed in Japan; however they DID influence Tezuka, the God of Comics (no really, that’s his posthumous title) at least visually, as the article explains, the title is just a way to catch attention.

You need to visit the site just so you can smirk at the picture of Simba sneering at his predecessor, Kimba.

This is common knowledge to those into animation and anime.

On a related note, did you know the Beatles influenced rock music?

Influence != greatness.

Well I think caveman paintings may have influenced the Lion King. Take a look at this 30,000 year old spotted hyena:

DR: But did you know about CARL BARK’S influence on Tezuka? Because I didn’t until I read this article. It’s deeper than it looks.

I did actually. Sorry… but I can see how others wouldnt.

The difference: that painting has lasted and will continue to last far longer than anything Disney will ever be responsible for :smiley: I miss 28 000 BC, back when humble folk made things to last!

Time to start carving, Hades. I take it everything Disney is objectively crap?

The Lion King is interesting and all, but it’s just a ripoff of Hamlet with a happy ending. I hate to say it, but Hades is right about the Lion King not enduring. He’s probably right about Disney’s other work, too. Have you ever tried watching Cinderella or Dumbo or Pinocchio? They are extremely dated now, even though they’re less than 100 years old. Wait about four or five hundred years, and they’ll be nothing more than curiosities. If you want films that transcend time, look into Akira Kurosawa.

As for Disney influencing anime: yes, yes I did know that. Thanks for the article, though.

I disagree that entertainment need to transcend its own time. It’s cool when it does, but everything has its time and place. Hell, history can be very unfair to art- how many great writers and artists -including Shakespeare- were appreciated as much as they deserved in their own time? Or ended up having minor pieces of their work be the ones the public remembers while the better ones go ignored except by historians?

So no, I don’t mind if Disney last into the future or not- or Anime, or anything else. I just want the people who can enjoy them to get to do so while they can.

Yeah, the Lion King was my favorite thing of all time when I was younger. And despite repeated watchings for years after, I still enjoyed it thouroughly. However, when I watched it a couple years back, I dunno… it was just really bad. The others are still as great as ever though, and while dated, I believe they can better serve as a means to understand the culture from the 30s-50s compared to now, as well as serving as major parts in the history of animation.