How come we don't have...

Straight pride parades
Jet packs
Submarine cars
Underwater lairs and cities
Something that can go to the bottom of the Marianna Trench
Pills to make my dick bigger (ones that actually work)
Android bodies
Sentient Computers

I mean come on! It’s 2010! I propose that the new RPGC group project be a scientific research commitee that creates these long objects that will some how better man-kind. Who is with me? If you grant me your time and money now, if you take a step towards the future, if you just give life a chance! We can begin. We can rise from the past into a future so far unknown! All I need is a chance.

Spring Break

An unattractive prospect. While researching for the role, I ran computer simulations demonstrating, incontrovertibly, that the whole bio-enclosure concept is fundamentally flawed. Be it expressed via dome, sphere, cube or even a stately tetrahedron, buuuddy!

The energy required to go faster approaches infinity as you approach the speed of light, so no conceivable method of accelerating a spacecraft to that speed is going to work.

Because an internet forum can do this. Especially when a 16 year old racist attempts to lead the way.

Those were all my ideas and they were stolen from me!

Well it’s too bad ideas can’t be protected.

/lawyer :ah-ha!: