House season 4

Its brilliant. I love it. I’m watching the CIA show and its awesome. I miss the clinic moments though :(.

The clinic moments come back. The whole contestant-elimination thing made the season a whole lot more light-hearted than some of the past ones. It’s definitely good that they changed up the characters a bit without forgetting about any of the old ones.

It’s still not Lupus.

<3<3<3 House…I miss the old crew, but the new ones are cool too.

The cast choies were all great. They even brought back Cuttthroat Bitch. :smiley:

I told you you’d like it.

I loved how he called the Black Mormon guy Big Love. Heh.

The season finale never happened right? The last episode I can remember was Frozen or Don’t Ever Change and neither of those really felt like a season closer.