hotmail account


Just the other day I looked at my hotmail account to check my messages and I noticed I have 250MB of space. Last week I only had 2MB of space. What I was wondering is if this happened to anybody else. Here is a picture.

Yeah, I’ve had it for a while now.

Yeah, I have it too. Neato.

Hotmail is feeling insecure due to Gmail’s manliness.

I noticed the same thing the other day. I was like “…sweet.”

Ya, but I created a new account just to see if it was on that one too and it wasn’t. It only had 2Mb

I wouldnt’ worry… As Delita said when he came into my room… (he just left)…
“Dont complain”

Gmail is nothing compared to!

How old is your account? Maybe they are doing it for those who held an account for [insert number] years.

Yeah, but you wouldn’t give me an ;___;

Possibly due to age of account, but I’ve had for almost 4 years and for 2 and neither of them have been so blessed. :-/ Just another reason to hate M$, I guess! :slight_smile:

Because you didn’t have anything to host!

I actually wanted but that was taken years ago probably, by someone with a faster sense of humour than me. ;____;

Microsoft’s motto: “Working day and night to make your life’s work worthless and insignificant.”

Shit, 4 years and still nothing? My account hardly goes over the year and a half…

My oldest e-mail in my inbox in my hotmail account is from the Dutch bird asking me to get MSN Messenger, in dutch on 14 January 2002 12:22. Just after I registered it, she wanted to chat to me over MSN.

So thats just under 2 years, and Still 2 Meg, and the Promise of 250meg by chistmas from the Middle of July.

Bah, doesn’t bother me, if I really need storage I’ll use my mum’s ISP account, which comes with 2 nice, large GB of storage. :slight_smile: And if that runs out, I’ll start another sub-account with 100 MB. Proof that we don’t really need M$ after all. :-p

…and hellhawk, am I reading that correctly that Googlebar toasted 445 pop-ups? What time frame was that? I’ve been online 2 1/2 hours and mine’s only run into 2… :-/

445 Popups, either You’ve been looking at pr0n or on newgrounds or both. You’ve got problems or you’ve not turn off your machine for a few weeks

Big Nutter
I got 94 extra MB to my 6 meg make Yahoo account 100Meg on June 15th, 2004.

Yeah, I have it too. One day I checked my mail and noticed that I was now using 1% of my storage space. Down from 34%. I think I’ve had this address since grade 9.

Funny thing is, I was a bit paranoid that Microsoft was checking my messages 'cause just the day before I was asking my friend for a Gmail account.

actually nutter the 445 is almost all from gaming sites (not mentioning were the others were from)