Hot Dogs

Argh, Edit polls so we can have multiple choices please >.<

None needed. Mustard, and nothing else.

ALL YOUR HOTDOGS ARE BELONGING TO ZELL :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

coughs I uhh… like… mmm… zell hotdogs… err… what I ment was, I really thought and… uhh… gottagocyaflee


I always put at least some ketchup. With the bread and the sausage, its my basic. The rest are dispensable

My vote goes for ketchup. I have to have that, as well as the sausage and the roll. Onions are good too though! :wink:

definately ketchup. im a very plain eater.

Pfft, you don’t need the bun, all you damn civilized eaters out there…:slight_smile:

No need for anything but the bun.


I accidentally selected relish, although I meant to select mustard.

I sometimes also put some fried or roasted onions with my hot dog (which is almost always a veggie dog).

Bah, there should be an everything option. Well, if I had to choose one it’d be mustard.

This leaves but one question… if you were a hot dog… and you were starving… would you eat yourself?

I know I would. I smother myself in brown mustard; I’d be so delicious.

Where the hell is the chili?

It all depends on the type of hot dog. If it’s a higher end sausage of some sort like a Polish hot dog I go with nothing but deli mustard, if it’s a normal one, it’s either chili-cheese or ketchup and mustard.

Does anyone here eat at Weinerschnitzel? Probably the least healthy hod dod place there is, but there is nothing like 10 year old hot dogs on 15 year old buns with 12 year old cheese, and 4 year old chili.

As most people know, I am a simple man…and i like to keep thjings simple. Just a bit o Cheese, and im Right! :smiley:

Originally posted by Booken
Argh, Edit polls so we can have multiple choices please >.<
You can do that when you make it you know.

I can’t edit it to change the voting method though.