Hostile Takeover of Ubisoft by Vivendi?

The company that formerly owned Blizzard apparently was trying to make large stock acquisitions of Ubisoft to get a majority and ownership. Is it Z who works at Ubi, or Hiryuu? Both? What was going on with that?

If Hiryuu works at Ubisoft that’s news to me.

It’s a hostile one alright, and the Big Kahuna doesn’t like the top guy at Vivendi much because of his very aggressive approach.

While there are actions taken, I’m not allowed to discuss anything. :X

I’m assuming one of those actions is opening up a studio in the Philippines.

Sorry, I couldn’t remember who it was. But don’t spill any beans on my account, but that Philippines studio opening does look more interesting now. Had just heard something not so good about a company someone I know works for, so I was just poking my head in to make sure you still have a job and stuff.

Hostile takeover? You guys are talking about my love life again?

But to discuss the topic at hand, actual hostile takeovers are pretty rare these days, there are just too many ways to combat against them, i.e. poison pills, whiteknights, greenmail, etc. Usually the goal is get a seat or two on the board and convince the company to change direction or strategy. See: Bill Ackman, etc.

That does seem to be their intention and they are continuing to pressure to do just that.