Hoping to shrine: Might & Magic I (PC)

Hi all,

Already posted my greeting in another forum, so I’ll skip that part. :wink:

I just recently started replaying Might & Magic and I’m making maps with a legend on it to show set encounters, the inn, the healers, statues, etc, etc. This site was a huge help to me when I replayed M&M3 a couple years ago, so I’d like to make a contribution in the form of a semi-decent M&M1 shrine.

I currently have the 1st town (Sorpigal) fully mapped with a legend, and I’m working on the cavern beneath it next. As I make more maps, I’ll keep this thread updated on my progress.

I’ll be making these maps for my own use (so I remember where to go for the all-important XP when I get close to leveling-up), so whichever format RPGC decides to go with in the long run (wiki or original…personally I like original), is fine by me.

Wish me luck in recapturing the joys of my youth from over 20 years ago!

Need any help turning the maps into something pleasant to the eye? I’ve got a few mapping programs here, I’m sure I can come up with something that’s worth looking at.

Yeah, I have to agree! The shrines are what made RPGC so great! I’m quite sure you can still do one… I am. :slight_smile: