Hooray for a customized GBA

I just ordered a personalized skin for my GBA.


Can’t wait 'til it comes in.

Neat, I didn’t know you could do that.

Still, skins are an odd thing, they tend to wear down pretty quick, around the buttons where your thumb is rubbing. And they’re hard to get off to, leaving sticky gluey stuff all over the surface.

At least that’s how I remember those things from back in the days of the Nintendo Power bonus inserts SNES controller covers. They mighta changed the material since then.

XD, they have changed since those. Now they use the same stuff those rub on window stickers use, so it comes off with no glue left behind.

Wow, cool! If I didn’t have my Flame GBA SP, I’d want to get something like that.

How much did the skin cost you?

7 US

You could probably do the same thing at your local Staples for about $2. XD

THey don’t have the right cutting lines though.

I think $7 makes up for it. Not only does it not have the cutting lines, but I’m sure the design isn’t a 1-2 thing, either.