Hoogatjacka! 8D

Who’s got her driving license? That’s right! Me! ME!! :victoly: Five frickadelliandu attempts, I finally got that damn lil’ thing! Partay! pulls anybody within sight into a group hug

YAY! drags Weiila away to “celebrate”

Banzai! BANZAI! :victoly:

That’s my line. :hahaha;




Yougatjacka, 984.

Congrats! I suppose you should post in the “cars” thread now showing off whichever car you’re going to be driving. 8)

Yatta~! :biggrin:

Congrats Weilla! I can’t wait to get mine. The thing is, I’m just too nervous to drive. I always think I’m going to hit something. Fortunately, I know real life isn’t GTA.

Well done!! Enjoy cruisin’ the city.

Congrats. Remember to use public transportation.

Say, what kinda stuff do you require over there for a licence?

Over here, it’s 20 hours theory plus theory exam, 30 driving lessons + “Engineer Driving Exam.” (AKA, DON’T MESS UP DURING A 30 MIN DRIVE, SHEESH!)

Theory exam is require for the Engi, and pass Engi… You have Licence level 1. After a period of 6 months - 24 months, you’ll have the second part, which includes economical driving and the dark conditions driving. After that, smooth sailing.

(Me? I passed the theory on my first… was close I didn’t screw up tho, and failed my first Engi. Second went OK.)

Congratulaaaaaaations! :slight_smile: throws confetti all over

Double celebration because this would finally be my 1000th post. Woo! :biggrin: :victoly:

Congratulations Jing.


:ark: A woot for Jing and a woot woot for Weiila! I remember when I first made my way out onto the sreets (legally) in a car. It was a hoot and a half.

I do have to say with some concern though… uh, 5 tries? ::dekar!::

Having said that, I’d like to share some wisdom on cursing at other drivers: No matter what is going on, every other driver on the road is a complete idiot and deserves to be yelled at. You should do your civic duty and curse them all, but be sure that you don’t actually let them hear you cursing, or make sense as to why you curse them [taken from me driving and seeing someone about fifty meters ahead pull into my lane, “oh, you think your so special with your goddamn turn signal, whoopty-hoo, now get the fuck out of my lane you filth-ridden whore!”]

Congrats, Weiila! I should be trying for my license soon, too.

…YAY!!!..but…your 22

Thanks for the warning.
I’ll be staying off the roads.

YAY! Congrads Weiila!

My mom is going to get me to get my premet by the end of this year and by next summer, she wants me to have my own drivers licence. ::dekar!:: Come my 16t-17th birthday, she’ll have the car paid off and the little Daewoo will be mine! :hyperven:

But yes, many congrads to ya. :slight_smile:

good job…

Congratulations, Weiila. Now be a good girl and don’t kill anybody.