Homosexuality in Star Wars

You guys both have different definitions of “unnatural”, an entirely meaningless and subjective word, and are going at invisible opponents with your laser words

pew pew pew

P.S. living past 50 (or its relative age in other organisms) is “unnatural” (by the Hades definition) but every animal, including us, does it anyway

That’s a good point. How bout this: homosexuality exists in nature.


How about this: You are both fucking retarded

I think most arguments with Hades come down to both parties having different subjective understandings of some word, and one or both of them not understanding this, and claiming to be factually correct. I mean, most arguments in general boil down to something a lot like that, but Hades Shinaguments tend to be far more based in semantics than a lot of others do. No idea why, it’s not like he comes up with far-fetched connotations to his words or anything, usually.

More like Hades Shinanigans amirite

More like Heyplease Sendorigami, amirite? What does he think he is, a freakin’ origami collector or something? I mean, come on, am I right or am I right? What’s the deal with him, does he think paper pets are easier to feed or somethin’? Really, folks. Maybe he wanted get a pet rock or somethin’, I though it’d be too hard to raise it, huh?

Because paper beats rock.

But scissors beat paper.

And rock beats scissors.

But paper beats rock…

Oh. Shit.


The most dangerous game!

Thinking about it, what would they call Bears in the Star Wars universe? Would they be called Wookies? Ewoks? Something else? Instead of Gay Bear Dating, would we have Gay Wookie Dating? And what then if there actually were gay Wookies? Would they be confused by the humans advertising Gay Wookie Dating which means only dating hairy men’s men? In the Star Wars Universe, is there some lesser animal similar to the bear that is hairy, big, and strong but isn’t a civilization?

I’m a bear trained to use the internet. That’s why I don’t post the pictures. I’m embarrassed to be, you know, a bear instead of a person.

The Wampas (abominable snowman) from Episode V?

Anyway, Gay Wookie Dating wouldn’t be the worst possible thing on Star Wars. Imagine if you went on a blind date… with the THING that was singing on Jabba’s court?? :eek:

“Dammit, I thought the ad meant the green dancing girl!” :hahaha;

Gay Wampa Dating. Hm. It has a ring to it.