Homosexuality in Star Wars

This story slipped under my radar until Penny Arcade took a crack at it, but apparently Bioware is shutting down all talk of homosexuality on the Old Republic forums, not for the purpose of trying to keep flaming or off topic discussions to a minimum… but because they say homosexuality is a word that doesn’t exist in the Star Wars universe. Seriously?

They HAVE seen Clone Wars and Jabba’s uncle Ziro, right? :hahaha;

Seriously, though, it just seems like a poor excuse, and one that doesn’t even make sense anyway.

So what do they call it?

They still have a word for wincest, right?



I bet a lot of Star Wars fanfic writers who are going to be up in arms. If there’s no homosexuality in Star Wars, how can they have their Boba/Jabba slash!?

And rightly so! It’s UNNATURAL >:( Harumph


My post wasn’t serious, by I still have to point out that just because something exists in nature doesn’t make it natural. There are fucked up animals too.

(Bad logic die! >:( )

EXISTING in nature and being PREVALENT in nature are two completely different things. And when there are several animals in question, we aren’t speaking of an anomaly.

Finding a handful of gay animals and bringing them all to the same homozoo doesn’t make homosexuality prevalent in nature. Show me an entire species that has managed to survive for millions of years without fucking the opposite sex (a legitimate species, not some weird spore-reproducing thing) and I’ll call it natural. As far as I can tell, nature’s pretty efficient at killing off homosexuals before they pass on their genes.

Spore producing species (various plants, fungi, etc) still need a mate in order to mix genetic material. I’m being nit picky here, but they are not illegitimate species.

They need a mate, but they can’t really choose it. There’s not really any sexuality involved. Creatures that spore don’t tend to be thinking, lusting creatures. I’m talking about animals who go “I’m a dude, and I really want to nail that other dude even though there’s a watering hole brimming with chicks right over there.” It’s just not something that nature encourages. I don’t think anyone’s gonna disagree with me on that.

Well, if you’d read the original article I posted, you’d notice that homosexuality can INCREASE the life of a species. Apparently this escaped your notice.

Two males rearing the same egg (which was donated by a female and fertilized by another male) isn’t homosexuality. Bisexuality isn’t homosexuality. You’re getting your wires crossed. Companionship is not sex, for christ sake.

I think Hades is postulating that only things which are evolutionarily beneficial are natural. It has to thrive in nature to be natural? And it’s not natural if it’s selected out? Hum.

I’m not saying it’s not natural just because it’s selected out. That would mean nothing is natural. I think things that have no choice but to be selected out are unnatural. Homosexuality tends to destroy itself in nature, no matter what species you are or where you live. This is assuming it even is genetic. If it’s a sober choice people make, it’s definitely not natural, I think.

You could also argue that everything that exists in this universe is natural and derived from nature in some way. Depends on your definition of nature I guess.

That hinges on whether it’s purely genetics. I’ve heard some conjecture that homosexuality is dependent partially on the hormones one receives while in the womb. If it’s a genetic trait which then requires hormonal triggers, that decreases the chances for homosexuality to be “weeded out,” so to speak.

Never mind societal pressures which many homosexuals face which leads to them procreating against their tendencies helps prevent weeding out. The gay ex-governor of New Jersey has two or three kids, and I’ve heard of plenty of other such cases. Imagine then the pressure put on closeted homosexuals in societies not as accepting of homosexuality as Western society in general.

Gay Bear Dating.

Gay bear dating?

Personally, I don’t give a damn over whether being gay is natural or not- I care about people being happy. If being gay makes them happy, so be it.

Bringing this back to the original subject: unless Lucas himself states it, I won’t believe it. Why risks losing fans (both gay and gay-supporters?) Maybe they just mean the WORD homosexual doesn’t exist there- perhaps because nobody gives alternate sexualities a second thought? (Naah, I don’t think so, but that would be a good way to talk yourself out of an embarrassing interview.)