Holy Shit! New Planet!!!!

It’s called Sedna. I think its the cutest of all the planets in the solar system. Its the Paul of planets.

I heard about it earlier from my cousin. Any real details on it?

That’s like, the name of the Inuit sea goddess.

Link/story please.

Cool. They sure it’s a planet?


Sweet…let’s build a giant heatlamp and colonize it! :smiley:

I don’t think they ruled it a real planet though, cause it’s got an eccentric orbit and goes so far out (three times farther than pluto), but they’re calling it a “planetoid,” so like, I guess that’s pretty cool. I dig its name, though.

-Mazrim Taim

Interesting. Wednesday will be interesting when I go to Astronomy. My teacher used to work at NASA and he talks about this stuff at times, but he is totally kick ass. He is hilarious and very easy going. It’ll be interesting to hear about it when I have class and see what he says about it.

Does it have nachos?

Yay, chance for a new season of Sailor Moon with a new character, Sailor Sedna in it ^^;

Hmm-- Sedna. Sedna.

Yeah, I doubt very much that it’s a real planet. But, it IS the most distant object in our solar system- sort of marks the end of it. It can be used in Science Fiction! “OK, gang, we just passed Sedna, we’re officially in interstellar space!”

I wonder why they named it after an INUIT (eskimo) deity, thought? So far, most of the bodies in our Solar System were named after greco-roman characters (tough a few years ago, they started using Shakesperean names as well.)

I’m surprised they brought the “Pluto isn’t a planet” argument into that article. I mean, Pluto is classified as a planet now and if it’s size is the minimum needed to be classified as a planet, then Sedna will never make it to that status. In other words, I think they’re going to be opening another debate on Pluto before they even get to Sedna.

I don’t really think it’s the size alone that accounts for planetary status. It’s the composition of the object itself. Since all the undisputedly real rock planets are inside the orbits of the gas giants, Pluto’s always been a bit odd. It has the characteristics of the Kuiper Belt objects that this new thing’s a part of. I also doubt that Sedna is the farthest object out there…it is the biggest farthest object, but there’s got to be more chunks of rock and ice floating around out there past it.

oops, false alarm. its just planetoid. close this thread. its just a planetoid.

I heard it was just a piece of ice floating around.

Quaoar’s name is more fun anyways.

Originally posted by Devillion
I heard it was just a piece of ice floating around.

Like Pluto.

awww, poor Pluto. It might get its planet title finally taken away. :too bad;

I wanna name a planet Doushi and eat cheese all the time.