Holy Shit! It's Alive!? Is DNF Actually ALIVE!?!

An actual picture of Duke Nuken Forever spotted right here? :eek: ::dekar!:: :hyperven: :moogle:

For those of you who weren’t around when this started. Back in 1996 a game called Duke Nuken 3D came out on PC (I think it also appeared on the N64 but I’m not certain about the PSX or the Saturn.), but shortly afterwards the developer of the game promised a sequel called Duke Nuken Forever. And now this picture may be the first solid piece of evidence of the game’s exsistence since that annoucement back in 96. (Aside from the various claims made by the studio of its quote on quote progress.)

Of course, this could be just like the Fox News picture of Big Foot that was taken all those years ago. You know the one with Big Foot sporting a watch. (i.e. Total Bunk)

I repeat: This is quite likely to be TOTAL BUNK!!

Yeah, the official website has been updated regularly.

That’s an action figure.

This looks shopped.

I can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my time.

Shit, vaporware was invented to describe Duke Nukem forever and the non-existent possibility of it ever being released.

The Duke Nukem Foreve list. Nuff said.

I hear it was named for the span of time in-between its announcement and actual creation. I’m hoping to buy it coupled with a copy of Chinese Democracy.

Nah, the ultimate Vaporware is Chinese Democracy. The Guns n’ Roses album, not an Asian government system.

Guns n’ Roses hasn’t put out an album since 1991. They began producing Chinese Democracy in 1996, but March 6th, 2007 is the first confirmed release date on the album, ever (it was announced a month or so ago). Around two-thirds of the confirmed tracks have been performed live, so it seems that this release date is probably genuine.

But yeah, Duke Nukem Forever comes in second, and I’m very glad to see that it might actually get an eventual release. Duke Nukem 3D was a very fun shooter, but will this game actually be fun, when the developers haven’t put out a new game in over a decade? No idea.

Actually, Project Xanadu is the original vaporware. It was an ambitious early attempt at hypertext that was announced in 1960, but no code was released until 1998, and even then it was buggy, incomplete and really just there to demonstrate prior art against some software patents. DNF and Chinese Democracy are still in their infancy by comparison.

sings the Not Dead Yet song from Spamalot

I’m amazed people still consider GnR a band and not a unit type of the Undead. Unless you trust in the songwriting genius of Axl. Not to mention that not writing music for a decade doesn’t exactly guarantee a good album.

At this point it is pretty much pointless to release the game (it would do better off to die a slow and quiet death). It’s been in development for over a decade, so unless it is just this amazingly awesome game that redefines gaming as we know it, it is pointless. Hell, the only reason it could possibly sell well is because people will be curious to see how it turns out. Each shooter that has vastely improved the genre has gone from concept to production and spawned sequels faster than it hs taken this game. With such skecthy details too, it’ll probably be another decade or so until it comes out or gets cancelled. Afterall, it isn’t the first screenshot released for the game, the others are just too old to show anymore. If there were a bunch of screenshots and info on the game, I’d be interested, but it is pretty much the same that we’ve seen for the last couple of years. Hell, it’ll probably be another 3 or 4 years before we see or hear anything more about the “game.”

Hey man, TF2 is coming out - so DNF is, at least now, totally possible.

Yes, but the creators of TF2 never claimed to be “still working on it.”


I don’t recall them ever explicitely saying that they weren’t working on it either though.

And TF2 is Team Fortress 2.