Holy shit I love Uncharted

I actually bought the second one on a whim, and that same day, my roomie bought the first one and gave it to me to play. I’d been in a game rut of late, and not really feeling american games anymore. I just started playing the first one, and within like 4 days I was done with it. Even for a game that came out in 07, it had held up very well.

The second one takes everything that made the first one great and throws it into overdrive.

I love me some GOW or MGS, but this is THE franchise on the PS3 hands down. I can’t wait for Uncharted 3.

No point bump bump. Finished uncharted 2 yesterday. One of the best game endings ever.

I thought the first one was alright, nothing to brag about but alright. I played the demo for the second one and I really like the improvements in platforming and just moving around in general.

Aaah yes, Naughty Dog… they know what they’re doing.

I have yet to try this game, despite owning a PS3 for over a year now. It just doesn’t seem to appeal to me.