Holy shiiiiit

Well I’d like to say that I don’t have a major stomach virus right now, but I do. I can hardly walk nor can I stand up straight, nor can I go 5 hours without using the bathroom. It really REALLY sucks. I have never felt such pain in my life before. I am on three different pills, so sometimes I am quite out of it. I went to bed before 9 o clock last night which is totally embarrassing for me, because it’s a personal mission to stay up till at least 2 Am in the summer time. If it helps, I didn’t pass out until about 4 AM (that’s what 7 hours of laying in your own sweat?) because I huuuurt and when I woke up this morning I huuuurt. I’m going to the doctor’s today because I have no specific idea what’s wrong with me.

My mom thinks it may be apendicitis, which I highly doubt, since it’s my entire stomach that’s killing me, and the toilet has factored into my life more in the past two days, than two weeks. What would be happening if I did have apendicitis? I know I’m going to the doctor’s and all soon, but I’m like really desperate to know now if someone has been in my shoes before and had their appendix out. I have been using a heating pad to ease my stomach and I hear heat can make it burst…

Maybe you are pregnant.


Sorry. Ummm, can’t help you with that.

Being pregnant is sending me to the shitter a lot then. No I don’t think it’s that dear. Good suggestion though. I wont drop a muffin till Im at least 25.

If you’re ill enough to send you to bed before midnight, maybe being on a PC isn’t the best idea? In my experience they tend not to help, what with the staring and the electrons and all. Or some such explanation.

Anyway, that sucks. :frowning: Hope you get better soon.

You’re absolutely right…though ive barely been online the past two days…

Anyways I just did some major puking and my side hurts like hell. my mom’s taking me to the emergency clinic where I may have to go to the hospital…sigh Anything to get rid of this pain.

See you guys…

http://www.medicinenet.com/Appendicitis/page1.htm From that site i get that you should be blocked up instead of having to go to the bathroom as much.

http://my.webmd.com/hw/health_guide_atoz/hw64459.asp Crap >_> um this says you can get symptoms like the ones you described.

Maybe an ice pack or ziplock bag with couple of ice cubes wrapped in a small towel might reduce pain? I always do that with cramps. What stuff are you taking? Stupid question, but you’re on at least one pain reliever? Or are you the type in which general over the counter stuff doesn’t work for?

Take care, the least it could be is a real nasty stomach bug or something you ate just wasn’t right for system.

My mom is stuck with the same thing! Although she’s constipated. And it’s been going on for weeks. :too bad:

Ok, wow, this is great.

I like pie. I like pie a lot.


EDIT: Nevermind. Image too damn huge.

Pie is good.

Honestly it seems like when my friend had appendicitis, though I’m not sure if he was puking or how often he went to the bathroom. You have it better than my friend though he was 3 miles down a trail and 50 miles from the nearest hosptal and he had to hike to the car. Any way, good luck and stuff, and I hope it dosen’t burst on you if it is your appendix.

I hope you feel better.

Perhaps you just ate something that din’t go to well to your stomach?I remember that i had something like you just described and it was because i ate something that went like a bomb to my stomach (Damn you sweet and sour chicken,why did you have to taste so good!).

I’m sorry you’re going through that Eva. My sister had similar experiences when she was passing a gal stone (hope I got that right). She was a lot of pain and puked quite a lot. I don’t remember her going to the bathroom a lot, but she may have. I hope everything will be all right and you’ll be in my thoughts.

This royally sucks. I’ve experianced some similar things…nothing as bad as what you described, but still enough to have a pretty good idea as to what you’re going through.

Get better, k? :wave:

You probly shouldn’t have drank all of that expired buttermilk

Eva that’s rough. I have had stoumach problems similar to what you are descrbing, but not as bad. It was usually something I had ate.

Well I hope you feel better real soon.

Don’t worry, a friend of mine had it last year too.

It’s odd you’d catch it during your summer however, it’s far more common in colder months.

Your current stress must’ve lowered your resistance.

Would Eva like a hug?

Where’s Dr. Sinistral?

I wish I could do more than say ‘See a doctor. Get better.’, but sadly I can’t. So that’s what I’m saying. ‘See a doctor. Get better.’.

Eva wants no hugs…Eva is in a lot of pain.

As you can see I’m back (and I never intended this all to be omg Im leaving!!gimme lotsa attention!). it is Monday night and I got back from the emergency clinic. I’ll let you guys see the message I emailed my boyfriend’s mother:

I had to email you to let you know what’s been going on with me, so you can hopefully pass it on to Tony. I’ve spent today (Monday) in an emergency clinic and was diagnosed with Pancreaitis…or an inflammed pancreas. I spent the last three days in pain and it worsened today after I started constantly vomiting. I visited my family doctor and he said it should pass…my mom thought it was apendicitis, which it wasn’t. So I went home, and after trouble sleeping, extreme pain and more throwing up, I was rushed to a medical centre where I had blood drawn from me. They also put in an IV since I am very dehydrated (after two failed attempts, ouch) and then they gave me anti-nausea medicine and morphine to relieve the pain, which helped a lot. I spent the evening sleeping off its effects, and came home with instructions not to eat, and not to drink a lot. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday, since they have not figured out what caused my pancreas to balloon up, even though I had two xrays earlier. It is a potentially dangerous illness, but since I am otherwise healthy, I shouldn’t die or anything like that. My mom is very upset and is helping me walk and lay down, which is about all I can do.

So things are pretty shitty. I feel okay just sitting here, with my knees drawn up on my chair (plus the morphine feels gooooood) but I felt like I should clarify my reasons for making this thread. I didn’t mean to sound all attention whor-ish :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks to those who gave me suggestions on what it might be.

The funniest thing about it is that pancreatitis is mostly caused by boozing a lot and I never drink :stuck_out_tongue: And the best part about today was that my doctor was young and hot and I had no problem with him prodding at my stomach.

That is all.