Holy crap!

Guys, seriously. Think about it. Xenogears is an awesome game by our standards. But this is Setz. Do you HONESTLY think he will enjoy playing though it? I don’t. I expect him to hate the graphics, not get a clue as to what the hell is going on, then to come here and rant about why it sucks and then us having to sit through it.

indeed, and the ensuing flame war would consume us all.

I don’t know what you personally have against me; but that, I ensure all of you; will not happen. If I dislike the game, I bring it back, exchange it/sell it for something else.

Setz, what is the address of that store? I am interested.

I don’t know the exact address, but thanks to the wonderful and innovative Phone-book, I can easily tell you. I shouldn’t be saying the address until I actually buy it; considering only two compies remain today at noon, and I reserved one for tommorow… but what the hell.

Gamerama Videogames
2370-A Yonge, Toronto Ontario.

Phone Number: 487-5501

I still don’t see what the big deal with that store is. You can buy any of those games Setz mentioned (with the possible exception of .hack) for 15 dollars new and sealed on Ebay at any given time, so it’s not as if he stumbled upon some sort of awesome source of cheap games or anything.

My local EB is full of idiots, and they don’t carry much PSX games either.

I’ve never actually seen a greatest hits copy of XG… as far as I could tell they could only be obtained through squeenix’s site.

Sounds just like my local EB, GameStop, and GameCrazy. worse yet, none of my local stores(In Brighton, or Thornton) have PSX consoles, either.

It’s probably because the PS2 can play most PSX games without a problem and with smoother textures. The PS2 with smoothing does wonders for Xenogears.

I see them all the time at Hastings and Gamestop.

I’m sure if they’re here in little ol’ Montana, they’re wherever you are too.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a copy of Xenogears, greatist hits or not; and considering no other stores I go to (about 10 since I last saw Xenogears) do not have any in stock, nor have they for a long time… possibly since it came out on GH, this obviously isn’t shown often around where I shop. I can’t do shit right now on Ebay… well, I could; but I’d need like a tutorial. :stuck_out_tongue:

None of the stores I’ve checked in Kansas City have had any copies anytime since the GH version came out. I saw some non GH copies at an EB in Columbia about 2 years ago (I bought the last one they had, though I didn’t get a case cuz the some idiot stole the display one). At one point I was begining to believe that the GH version was just an unfounded rumor, til I checked the square enix site one day.


There’s one copy left this afternoon, and after I asked how much I’d get for the sold games, which came to 13$, 2$ short; I guess I won’t be getting it anytime soon.

I saw this coming a mile away.

I’ll ask for an advance in my allowance from my parents. Hopefully, they’ll agree to my demands, and give me 15$, so I won’t have to sell those fucking games.

If no copies are left; I’ll ask if they have any in the back, if not; I’ll kill them all.


“Hello [parent], can I use your visa card?”

Um… Ebay’s not exactly rocket science… That auction Sinistral linked to has a really low shipping price too… I’ve had an Ebay account since I was about your age and I’ve never used a credit card. As far as I know, you just can’t sign up with a web-based email address without a credit card number. You should be able to use an email address from your ISP or school or something to sign up, then pay via money orders.

I also find it hard to believe that nowhere in Kansas City has Xenogears, when I can think of more than one location in <b>Bozeman Montana</b> that has them. Hastings is probably your best bet.


Well, I’ll be buying it, if it’s still there, for double tommorow… not double, but a bit more.