Holy crap!

I was wondering if there was a wave of video-game shipments made to every major video game store for old, awesome PSX games.

I was in a local Gamerama, which won awards plenty for best video-game shop on Yonge Street (longest street in world?), and I spotted a copy of Fina Fantasy Chronicles for thirty dollars. I was suprised, considering I bought mine not too far ago; for 50-some odd dollars. I look at the other PSX games that were there; apparently all the same price, and I stop by SIX COPIES of Xenogears, still in the package. I mean, whoah. I don’t know about the rest of you; but I don’t see that game come up often in stores. They also had some copies of Parasite Eve, Dragon Valor, Legend of Legaia, Final Fantasy 7-9, Final Fantasy Anthalogies, and other highly-popular PSX games that haven’t been seen unopened in a while. I mean, holy fucktits, XENOGEARS?!

I’m in a pickle, also… I seem to be wanting two games; Xenogears, and .//hack Infection… I was wondering; which of the two are better? I mean; if Xenogears is like Xenosaga, in terms of storyline, battles, et cetera; I’ll scratch that. I heard it was a magnificant game; so I’m making it a choice. I disliked Xenosaga because of the constant cutscenes. I mean, 1/50,000th of the game is actually playing the game. So, if Xenogears is like that; tell me.

I also considered .//hack Infection. I’ve played it just recently; and since I’m a major graphics-whore, and soundtrack-whore; I was drawn to it just by the introduction. I like double disced games better; however. It fills my CD case up nicely. :>

So uh… tell me which you prefer; and since I am such like you all, and we have so much in common, we might see eye-to-eye, and I might actually enjoying an RPG I buy. :stuck_out_tongue:

The second disc of Xenogears is like XS. The first disc is a lot more open, though. Lots of people like it for its incredibly deep (and LONG) story, but I wasn’t all that enamoured by it. My tagline is that it’s a nice game to have played, but it’s not very enjoyable to actually play through. The soundtrack is excellent, but the graphics leave a bit to be desired, if that’s what makes you tick.
As for .hack, I dunno if I’d want to shell out that kind of money for what is essentially 1/4 of a game. Your call, of course. :sunglasses:

Bleh. I can handle graphics if the soundtrack makes up for it.

I liked .//hack 'cause well, the graphics drew me in; and the whole concept of a game inside a game. It was quite [insert word I can’t think of… begins with in, or id.].

Xenogears is one of the best RPGs ever made. However, if you don’t like long and highly convoluted and complex stories, don’t get it because you’ll hate it. The game lasts 50-80 hours easily. The soundtrack is excellent, the graphics aren’t so hot, but there’s worse. I disagree with Cid that its not enjoyable to play through. I think I’ve been through XG more than 6 times in the past 5 years. Walhalla’s shrine on XG is excellent and should help you through whatever hard parts there (because XG isn’t that easy, some fights even border ridiculous).

Yeah, what Cid said about XG applies to me as well. Not as much Cutscenes (until Disc 2 at least, but thats only about a fifth of the game thankfully). The graphics do suck, but the soundtrack is one of the best out there, comparable to FF6, CT, etc.

I enjoyed Xenogears, aside from the out-of-mech battles. God i hated those.

.hack//INFECTION. For fuck’s sake, its not that damn hard to remember simple placement. :stuck_out_tongue:

.hack’s a good series. Each game comes with a 40 min OVA (entitled .hack//Liminality). It goes about telling events thats going on in the real world while Kite (main character of the game) is playing like hell in order to help his friend Orca and figure out what the hells causing “The World” to decay (I’d give more on this other than saying that its a very fucked up virus, but I’m not spoiling anything major here). Each game is about 25-30 hours depending how much you play. You can buy all four for about $80 USD now I think ($20 USD a piece). I reccommend it.

On the otherside, I’ve never played Xenogears so I can’t tell you how Xenosaga compares. But Xenosaga is DAMN good. The cutscenes rock and the battle system is great as well. Though Xenosaga lasted me about 80 hours (about 10 just playing cards and slots to get more money to buy some powerful AWGS units).

I actually prefer Xenosaga because I <i>really</i> enjoyed the story there (especially toward the later half of the game).

Pshf. Part 1 is 24$, part 2 is also 24$, part 3 is 40$, and part 4, I do not know. =/

Is this just your area or all game stores. If this is the case, I’m gonna try to snatch up VP and FFT despite my not owning a PSX/PS2. Xenogears would be nice, also.

Even if .hack were a better game (I haven’t played Xenogears) I’d still get Xenogears, just cause you probably won’t get another chance like this ever.

The other chance he’ll never get is always available on Ebay.

That’s the thing. I don’t really want Xenogears, but it’s value will surely go up; as it’s a rare game. And, I just remember Parasite Eve comes with a third-disc with a trial version of Xenogears… from the way it looks, well, horrible. I tolly despise the graphics; and it seems as if all my battles will be in Gears, and not as people. Which is another thing I dislike… anything to do with robots, with an RPG, I dislike. That’s what I hated about Xenosaga as well… I still want to purchase Xenogears, not because I want it; but for the value… it’ll also look good in my CD case… but my friend highly reccomends .//hack… Man, what a hard choice.

I would be agreeing with you; if my parents hadn’t recently got a Visa card… well, they had the opportunity to have them; just now they want it to like, do shit with it. So, Ebay is avaliable to me now. So are subscription-fee video-games.

Well, I just noticed it this afternoon, first at an EBgames, then 3 doors down, a Gamerama. What does VP stand for?

Anyways, I’m really stressing over this decision. At Gamerama, if you purchase a pre-owned game (.//hack for example), you get 6-months warranty, 2-week exchange, and you can get the disc cleaned for free within the two weeks. Xenogears is a new unopened game, also as Gamerama. Considering I’ll be lucky if the copies are even there tommorow when I plan to buy Xenogears, if I actually decide to, I’ll have to sell 3 PS2 games, in-order to fully pay for it; 'cause I won’t get another chance, and I’m sort of short on the cash right now. I’ll be selling Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, and GTA:Vice City, considering I dislike them all… I’ll probably get 15-20$ for it; then, with 15$ I have with cash; I can purchase it. With .//hack, I have a chance it’ll be there tommorow, and that it’ll stay there until my next pay-day, which is on Friday, meaning I’ll have to buy it on the upcoming Monday, considering I’m not wasting a bus-ticket to get down there; and a bus-ticket to get back. I go to school downtown; so I walk by it everyday. So… I’ll have to sell games to get Xenogears, and have a low chance of actually liking it; or not sell any games, wait a week, continue playing Parasite Eve and Wild ARMs 3, and get .//hack Infection. I dislike the way Xenogears is, main contributor is the graphics; and I like .//hack altogether… the anime, soundtrack, graphics, storyline, battle system… I’m leaning moreso to .//hack, but it’s not really rare yet, yet Xenogears is. Arrgh, my head hurts.

Seriously, I’d go with Xenogears. You can just buy .hack next week. :wink:

Now you’re just trying to piss me off :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I’m joking. But a suggestion: Why don’t you just buy Xenogears and rent .hack?

Not really, Lanyx. I currently hold 19$ in my posession. If I sell those 3 games, I’ll have about 35-40$, 35 of which will be spent on Xenogears, making it total to about 5$ left. I get 20$ a week, but 5$ of it goes away in the <s>void of my parents’ pockets</s> bank. Which would give out 20$. So, unless .//hack Infection drops from 24.99, with tax, would be about 28$, to about 17$, so it’ll be abouit 20$ with tax; I can’t possibly get both. And no, stealing is not an option.

Now you’re just trying to piss me off :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t get it… I always called it .//hack… I know it should be .hack, but for some reason; it always came out as .//hack.

It’s .hack// actually. But really, get Xenogears. And play it damnit, don’t you dare leave it collecting dust because even through I agree with Cid on it being somewhat of a bore to play trough, the story is fucking brilliant.

VP stands for Valkyrie Profile, if you don’t know what the game is about, check here.

The graphics compare to some SNES games… maybe even Brave Fencer Musashi (a great game :>), and graphics are tolly a major part in my game-buying. And the battle system I dislike… if Xenogears were lower in price; I’d buy it. But I’ve made a decision at buying .hack//. I might reconsider, but as it stands right now; it’s going to be .hack//… now, if you guys like; think of a tolly awesome aspect of Xenogears, that I’d tolly like; then go ahead. I implore.

Yeah, it’s called plot, you know, like in books, only better. MUCH better. The soundtrack is excellent too and… well, you get to control cool big robots if that’s any good to you.

Bleh. Storyline means nothing to me, but soundtrack is also a major-role in my game-buying… and as I stated earlier; that’s what I dislike about Xenogears, among other things. :stuck_out_tongue: I like the traditional RPGs where you control HUMANS, and maybe ELVES, none of this robot-bullshit.

Edit: Well, storyline does mean something to me, but it’s not as far up in importance than graphics and music.

You do get to control humans (Well, most of them are humans), but you also use the Gears. And what do you mean you don’t care for storyline? Isn that like 50% of most RPGs?