Holy crap, the PSP ROCKS O_O

Amen to that Lun

How nice. It won’t be on the top of my list though, I don’t like 3d.

And the last time they showed any photos of it, it was a big and bulky thing. Not something you’d want to tag along on the bus.

As I’ve said, nobody actually has the prototype for the PSP yet. They only have the system basics, and can program for it. Those screenshots are from the EA Burnaby building, in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

It IS a trustworthy source, as most of that information is directly from EA itself (who is developing NHL 2004 for the PSP… I believe for launch) …

Anyway. Trustworthy. And awesome. And god, I’m hoping it won’t be $300 --;

Interesting, but the price might cause issues. Actually, price and power requirement.

Yeah… how on earth are they going to power a mini PS2 with batteries?