Holler if you hate sphere break....

i do.

I do.

What’s sphere break?

The Triple Triad, Tetra Master, or Blitzball of FFX-2.

I don’t hate it actually, I’m actually quite good at it. It’s just kinda boring. But it’s worth getting the Lady Luck dress sphere. Maybe just cuz I’m really good at it.

A better thread idea would’ve been: Holler if you hate Blitzball in FFX-2. >.< seethes with rage

I don’t hate it, I just suck at it. My math brain is quite slow.

Hollaring like hell over here.

I think you woke me up. At 9 am in the UK. Thanks…

Hate’s a too strong a word. I just play for the 100% and Lady Luck… and the Mascot…

Big Nutter
I quite good at it. My fingers aren’t though

At first I loathed it, but once I beat Shinra I was like AWRIGHT THIS GAME ROCKS! Just need to be consistant, that’s all, unless you have a 1 2 3 multiple…that’s when the game royally screws you over. I loved Blitzball in both games too.

I like it… until I get a big Echo Bonus coming along and a 1 appears.

I liked it, though not as much as Chocobo Hot & Cold on a good day (i.e. when my carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t acting up). :sunglasses:

It wasn’t too bad, once I got my head around the thing. But then I have always had a mind for maths.

DUDE I NEVER was able to get the Lady Luck dressphere…Only because I royally suck at Sphere Break lol.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. Got all the coins. Auron coin is the coolest. Beat Shinra the first time and got Lady Luck, but had to reset because I didn’t play against the chick with the dog for the WHM GG. Took 3 battles against her to get the grid to drop. Then I thrashed Shinra again. He only played 1 against me one time, so I lucked out.

I just used 1-2-3-4, and 2 or 3 coin combos for multiplier and echo, and kept chaining with whatever was higher. Doing this, 300 quota is cake…I found myself stopping the chain to get more rare items or rare coinage most of the time. Most difficult was the chick who only gives you 20 seconds per move; high margin for error, and not much time to look around.

sphere break is cools.

2 points:

i disliked the blitzball change from X to X-2. mainly because it changed to a more managerial perspective and i was never a fan of sims like that.

and i “sincerely dislike” math.

math sucks.

and so i ma never be able to appreciate sphere break. or the lady luck dressphere…