HO! Prozac doesn't work?!

Man even I didn’t expect it to do THIS badly.


When I was in foster care I was on Prozac. I could have told you it doesn’t work.

I’ve always hated the concept of clinical psychology for a long list of reasons, which can be summarized that it doesn’t really work, but the extent to which it doesn’t work surprised me.

Maybe it was just a giant placebo experiment

This doesn’t look too good for Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline and Wyeth. Somehow, the ineffective medications mentioned in the article remind me of Merck and Vytorin, the cholesterol drug under investigation by Congress.

And I think that Serzone – made by Bristol-Myers – was pulled from the market back in 2004.

Just out of curiosity how did Paxil do in these tests.

I ask this because at one time a buddy of mine was prescribed the drug then within a year and a half he was moved onto some generic crap which after a few months crashed and was found by the kitchen sink (damn this thread’s got everything including the kitchen sink) with ‘as I’ve heard it’ one of those bathroom cups filled with a variety of cleaning chemicals which thanks to some good timing and quick thinking didn’t make it past his lips.

From that experience came two lessons. #1 was that antidepressants caused far more trouble than they are worth, and #2 is to never ever under any circumstances seek emergency psychiatric help

What we need is more homemade Prozac. Just make sure there’s enough ice cream in it.

Uh oh, profits declining!

Yes Paxil is on the list too.

Keep in mind the pills aren’t complete garbage (yet). They just looked at their ability to treat 1 problem: depression. These things are used in a few different ways. Those would probably require further study, esp after a result like this.

Why would people still use Prozac anyway? Even if it worked, there are safer and more effective depression meds out there like Celexa.

According to my spam mails, prozac enlarges my penis. I am now highly disappointed and disillusioned. ;.;

Let me get this straight: The prime ingredient of prozac is also used to treat PREmenstrual syndrome, and fluoxetine is claimed to not work!?

((Pre, post, still doesn’t explain everything. Nor they shouldn’t. Berserking can be a useful quality.))

Speaking of pills, I reckon therapy is the main method of dealing with depression, and medicine is a secondary method? (I.E, both are needed for a proper treatment of depression?)

They should just start rationing Methylenedioxymethamphetamine out to everyone.

Or create Soma!

According to your pictures, you are a girl.

I am now highly disappointd and disillusioned. ;.;

Oh, so basically, they want to make everyone realize that their effort to remove their depression is wasted and they will continue to be miserable now that they know this?


…meep? o_O;

I was on Prozac and Ritalin at the same time when I was a child. I tried to hurl myself down a flight of stairs a few weeks afterwards, because I was sick all the time and I didn’t know what to do.

It doesn’t work? Jesus cuntchrist, really?


Well you’re the one who admitted to having a penis. :frowning:

Maybe she’s a futa. :3