Does this sound illegal to you? (what the woman did to her husband and still continues to do)

Whether that is legal or not, it is immoral (disgustingly so) to do what this woman did. If she was not happy with her marriage, then she should try to work it out or divorce him, not go to insane measures such as putting drugs in someone’s food. God, I can’t believe that. I don’t care if it’s fucking tylenol, let alone one that could have serious complications. Also, it’s his body- this woman has no right to mess with his body (any more than he has a right to mess with hers). Fuck, these two people just shouldn’t be together.

And God, if that idiot was CAREFUL he wouldn’t hurt her during sex no matter how big he was. From her account it sounds like he was a clumsy idiot in bed who didn’t take her body into account. Also, since the sex was not consentual, he has essentially raped her multiple times. I can’t say I feel TOO sorry for the guy, but it’s still disgusting to do to anyone.

Sounds more like a story, stated like that. So I’ll throw doubts onto it’s veracity.

It’s still bloody disgusting though.

If she was scared he would divorce her when she told him the truth then they really shouldn’t have been together. To destroy a man on that level without him even knowing he was doing something wrong is a much greater sin than him sexing her up. What a bitch.

I too am skeptical of the story (I doubt a person doing that would admit it to the internet and name the story “How I shrunk my Husband’s Crotch” or “How I destroyed my Husband’s Dick”, since that would be the type of shock-language a 13 year old would use and then giggle about).

However, if it was true, it would be illegal (and immoral) what she did. And if he had been having sex with her without her consent, that would amount to rape, as was previously mentioned (marital rape is the most common and least reported rape in America).

But either way, it’s just another reason to marry a nymphomaniac.

My thoughts exactly. Seriously, who would want to be married to someone who never wanted sex? or who only wanted it on rare occasions. I’d never marry anyone like that. It’d be hell. Part of the reason you get married is so you can have a close intimate relationship like that. Without that, you might as well stay single. I woudln’t want to have a “roommate” relationship with my wife.

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Would’ve been cheaper.

Nulani wins.

Holy shit. That is totally my goddamn background.

No, no, no. Perverts like you’d want the naked version.

In fact that is what I was hoping, that he would go impotent and not have the balls to deal with it – and finally give me the relief I was craving.

Yay for punny lines.

Illegal? Most likely, I wouldn’t know for sure. Immoral? Probably. Doubtful that it could happen in America? Hell naw.

Not that the story is real, but what a stupid bitch!

hahahah that’s fuckin hilarious. Technically I should be sympathetic with the man losing his …“manhood”, but not in this case. He sounds like a jerk.

That is just cruel…

Dude he’s horny what’s wrong with that. She could have tried to discuss it with him

Criminal offences:
1purchasing drugs over the internet without concent of doctor or physician
2falseley self diagnosing to get th drugs and on the providers part:not checking anything in any way.
3altering the mental and physical health of her husband(why didnt she just get something for herself to make herself out of pain again.

immoral:she described how she robbed someone of thier personality as if she enjoyed it
let me re-phrase

You girls out thare dont really think it is that bad probably, but any guy out thare if thare was no such thing as law :they would make sure you die the slowest most horrible death ever imaginable or expierienced in the history of human kind!

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