hmmm what to play me decide!

  1. Tales of Phantasia

  2. Star Ocean

  3. Final Fantasy 5

  4. Dragon Quest 6

  5. SoM 3

which has the best story? best gameplay? those two factors will decide which i will play. can’t decide between 2? list them both and tell me what you liked/disliked about them.


ToP has a bad ending/late storyline, SO is kinda weird, FF5 is alright, never played DQ6. I suggest SoM3. If by SoM 3 you mean Seiken Densetsu 3.

yes, that’s what I meant (I couldn’t spell it :wink: )

We should make a test so when people join they must know that FF3 is actually FF6 and that SoM3 doesn’t exist.

Would it also require the knowledge that the “Final Fantasy” games on the original Gameboy (Final Fantasy Adventure, and Legends I, II, and III) are not Final Fantasy titles, but rather Seiken Densetsu titles renamed Final Fantasy to bolster sales?


The battle system kicks every other game’s ass, and the story’s kinda cheesy, but very well-made and beautifully tied up.

I second ToP, especially if you happen to have the PS version, of which I’m yet to own.

The FFL series, while not FF, are definately not Seiken Densetsu. FFA is, however, SD1.

ToP. And if you can get it, Tales of Eternia. Best battle system ever. EVER. And the story is quite good also (even though I haven’t seen the ending because I keep getting killed by the final boss. ;_:wink:

The FFL series are part of the SaGA series. Just thought you’d like to know.

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