It’s been quite a while, but I’ve been quite busy since I used to hang out here a little more frequently. However, that hasn’t stopped me from occasionally working on my Heroes of Might and Magic shrine. It’s a multi-system shrine. Primarily on the PC version but Mac versions work work with that information, the real kicker though is that I’m also making it work with the Gameboy Color version. (which takes up a sixteenth of the resolution and an 8th of the colour depth… but it’s portable!)

What I really need though is a way to upload it to the site so that I can start testing out how things connect properly etc… my shrine was started while RPGclassics was using shtml and is now a Frankenstein job of mish-mashed shtml and php. Anyway, get back to me when you can. I’d appreciate it.

This the original HoMM? HoMM 1?

You’ll find that the old includes won’t work anymore, and will have to be replaced with <?php include(“filename”) ?>. It’d also be nice if you could switch to using the new template - You can see a demo of it here.

Yes, Homm1. And yes, I’m slowly updating the files to include the PHP tags from the templates, but it will take a bit of time. I’d mostly just like the ability to upload to the site however to see somewhat what the finished product will look like. Thank you for your time =)

I’ve messaged you the login information. What you upload will be accessible at

One other question. Is it acceptable if I include extremely low quality samples of the game’s soundtracks (ogg format, 11khz, 8-16k variable) for comparison purposes between the computer and gameboy versions? :wink:
I have a LOT of graphical comparisons and the like between the different versions and later/earlier releases in the series. I’ll upload things soon. Just need to get some things sorted out (Um… I’m writing my 70-290 certification exam in an hour. I’ll see when I get back, it’s supposedly a 4 hour exam.)

Edit: Now that it’s up. Seem to be having trouble getting the ToC to show up properly.

Second Edit: NM. Just had to fix a couple tags

Any advice on my shrine? I’ve worked pretty hard on my sprite rips and gathering data for those pages :wink:

edit: also I’d love any help anybody may offer in ripping graphics from the gameboy version… it’s a little less accessible due to the slowness of the system and low screen real-estate.