Hm.. normality

I get home this morning to my mom on the phone. After she gets off of the phone, she tells me my great grandma’s house had been broken into.
Here’s the story.
It was 3 am, and her door comes crashing in from a kick. She yells out at him/her/whoever. She tries to call the police, the phone is dead. (The man is white, so the cops around here won’t worry about it as much)
He confronts her, asks if she has any money, grabs the phone, leaves.
That’s all. Nothing else taken.
We don’t think it was random, because she said he didn’t have a weapon. If someone’s breaking into a random house for money, they’re gonna have money, and no matter who it is inside, are going to slap the person around a bit to get the money. She said he left without any trouble.
She always calls the cops about her neighbors, and when she called them this time, the man working said (and I quote) “Hell, I didn’t even know she lived there. You might wanna get her the hell out of there.”
We sure as fuck are. We’re grabbing all her shit, boarding up the doors and leaving the fucking place there.
We think the break-in could have been 1 of a few things. Two of the major ones:
The neighbors trying to scare her into leaving
My cousin Mark (he’s pretty fucked up in the head) looking for… who knows what.
Edit: He took the fucking phone

That’s hilarious. I hope it was a phone with a cord and he ripped the phone off the wall and ran off with it. That’d be so cool.

Yeah, it’s fucking hilarious when you think about it.

I got you good you rookie fuck!

Hm…if It was cordless and he trys strangle himself, wouldn’t that be funny?
I dunno. Nvm. I only had 2 hrs of sleep damnit.

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I got you good you rookie fuck!

Oh god… you don’t know how much of a laugh I got from that
Jesus… I needed that Shin, Thanks XD
Super Troopers is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen

The guy probably broke into the wrong house and didn’t realise till it was too late :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, so he just asked for money and didn’t take any, and then procedded to grab the phone and run? Kay…

Er… Odd. o_O

Damn straight.

They should legalise breaking into houses: That way I could get myself a glass of water when I need one.