Hitler in the Halloween

A boy used a hitler costume for Halloween in Miami. I would arrest his parents if I had the power to do so.


<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Oh boy, this kid must had some major trouble growing up to not relize how evil he was… (of course he wear Leather Face, and not get trouble :P).

I wonder if the school is going to force him to dress as a “Scary Ghost”? :smiley:

I need to make an announcement about this kind of stupid linking.

you mean the “members only” linking that pops up on occasion?


That might actually require people to pay attention to what they’re linking to… what a scary thought.

Why the hell would anyone want to dress up as Hitler in the first place? O_o;

prolly just the shock value of it. prolly similar to the kick that some asshats get from linking to tubgirl and its ilk.

My friend is going as Al Gore. Not sure if that has anything to do with this but all of my friends thought it was funny.

Because some people like and admire Hitler. I for one was going to dress up as him, but I just couldn’t find a Nazi uniform. Such a shame.


Reminds me of that Halloween episode of South Park. 8P

I think thats ok, the kid is just expressing himself

he was probably dressed at hitler not because he liked him, but because people hate him. like how some people dress up as osama bin laden.

i dont like what hitler did, but he was a genius…so nya

genius at manipulating people, i hope you mean. because militarily, he was a complete poopface.

Ummm, since this is halloween, you do realise he’s probably dressed up as him BECAUSE he thinks he’s evil, just like what most kids dress up as?

Hitler had some good ideas for his plans of attack but just wrong timing. Attacking Russia, for example, would ease the pressure from the Japanese in Manchukuo (Manchuria) and free up Japanese troops on defence there. However the German Army did not defeat Russia as planned and the winter halted the Germans advance.

why though? the japanese had no point of atacking russia. they knew better. they only took on china as china was weak.

im pretty sure that japan was getting attacked…and holy crap blitzkrieg was the best thing ive ever heard of…

Hey, hitler may have been mad and not nice… but he was a snazzy dresser. I saw we revive that oldschool style of clothing and bring back a new [STRIKE]world order[/STRIKE] dressing theme…