History of the Internet

Well, sorta…

Thanks, real hilarious. Despite that, most of it is the truth. We are using something that has such a proud history! :hahaha;
Only now do I realize what the web is… :too bad:

You’re an asshat.

Entire time: Someone invents something really great, but [large corporation] patents it immediately, even though they didn’t create it, hindering progress.

My favourite though is:

nternet introduced to businesses. Worker productivity up 35%

Internet Porn introduced to businesses. Worker productivity down 97%


Pretty funny.

Worth a chuckle. Sorta.


Am I the only person that didn’t think this was funny?

This was on Fark about 2+ weeks ago. Still funny. :slight_smile:

I remember back when you’d still go to websites and they’d say things like:

<BLINK>MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD AT LEAST NETSCAPE 2.0 SO YOU CAN SEE MY AWESOME ANIMATED GIFS AND <BLINK> TAGS!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :)</BLINK>

There’d also usually be an embedded midi in the background of those sites, as well as background images of animated spinning hot dogs or some shit. All I could think was “why the hell did I download this Netscape 2 anyway? In retrospect, Netscape 1 was a lot better…” I still think today that I may have been right… -_-

I mostly miss the time when you could search altavista or something (before google) for random stuff and not get horrible brain damage…

Except from the spinning hot dogs of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I remember when AltaVista was the best search engine. I remember before that actually using Webcrawler.

Wow, when I read the title of this thread, I read “Xelopheris of the Internet” … haha, nice.


I remember AltaVista. :sunglasses: Yahoo was powered by it for a little while.