Hiryuu....where are thou????

Anyone who has seen / sees hyriuu, please let him know we need to talk to him!


Do you mean the one of HTI fame or the other one from some earlier point in the “scene”?

Haha, the Hiryuu of HTI “fame”. That’s a good one. I don’t think anybody outside of the extended RPGC family even knows what HTI is. =P I mean, when <a href=“www.lostlevels.org”>Lost Levels</a> did a story about Squashed when they found the English prototype, and not even a single mention was given to me, even though I had translated the Japanese version previously, that’s when I knew that I had never even made a ripple. =P Although, in my own defense, they DID use the same translation of the title for the Japanese version that I did, so they must have at least be somewhat cognitive of my efforts.

Anyway, I never went anywhere, Kammedo. Go ahead and email me at hiryuu@rpgclassics.com if you need to talk.