Hilarious Resident Evil 4 Deaths

Or, how many ways are there for you to messily die?

I sort of like the music, myself

…I NEED to get this game. It was a good laugh. I liked the FF theme at the end.

How long until it comes out for the PS2?

This game intrigues me.

Was it the knife to the throat or the arrow to the head that makes you say that?

PS2 version is comin out December.

That was interesting.

That was awsome. Thanks for posting it.

Yakety Sax makes even violent death amusing! :smiley:

Whoah, seriously? I didn’t think it’d come to the PS2. Now I don’t have to buy a game<s>shit</s>cube!

Seriously :wink:

Wait, wait, wait… in the screenshots, I see a woman in red. OH GOD, IS IT ADA?. Also, Resident Evil Outbreak File#2 is coming out soon. I can’t wait. :smiley:

Cool death scenes~
Off-topic, I wonder if this is the last Res game in the series.

The link won’t work for me. ;.;

Of course it is. No GCN exclusive game that Capcom releases ever stays that way. I knew it was coming to PS2 as soon as it was released. Capcom did the same thing with Viewtiful Joe and VJ2. And despite the shit I talk about Sony, I’m still buying(for a third time) a PS2. Because good games outweigh the shitty quality of the console itself. And no, it’s not going to be the POS slim PS2.

I own a GCN, BTW.

It 404’ed on me. :<

Don’t watch the video, it takes out the shock factor when you’re killing hordes of villagers and suddenly a guy with a paper bag on his head comes up behind you and decapitates you in one hit. -_-

And generally, you’ll only get lame deaths, like somebody hits you in the face with something they threw and you fall to the ground.

I guess I wont get to see it. The link isnt working for me.

The site’s probably down. An article from IGN is saying that the PS2 port is still just a rumor, nothing’s really confirmed yet.

Oh I believe it’s confirmed. GameFAQs has it listed, and the scheduled release date is in December. So does Gamespot.

Blah… GameFAQs… They had SNK VS Capcom listed there a couple of months ago for PS2, and the game never made it to the U.S shores even after the release date.

Okay, sure. I know GameFAQs isn’t that reliable, but Gamespot? They don’t lie.