Highly Odd Things that are Out of the Ordinary (or at least seem like they should be)

A purple Polar Bear.

A haunted coffee pot.

Seed pods that look like alien skulls.

A bunny on Mars.

The visage of Rasputin on a cat’s ear.

And sometimes
dead men DO tell tales.

The visage of Rasputin on a cat’s ear

This is so weird (in a Twiligt Zone way). As i was reading your post, i heard the techno version of Rasputin by Boney M in a passing car.

Lover of the Russian queen
They didn’t quit, they wanted his head
Russia’s greatest love machine
And so they shot him till he was dead

That poor bear… Did you see it reaching out for freedom? :frowning:

How awfully extraordinary.

The internet is full of useful information.

Wouldja lookit all that.

woop dee doo. Photoshop strikes again!

Used to look at this kind of stuff a couple years back, was quite into the paranormal/conspiracy stuff.

I like to hope that at least a few pictures on the internet aren’t photoshopped. There were occasional occurances of strange images before images could be easily edited, and now more people have more cameras than ever before. But we also all have access to photoshop…

I think the purple bear ould be accurate. I know a guy who’s skin turned blue from an expermintal TB medication.

-If the purple bear was photoshopped, it’ s really well done.
-The rabbit thing on Mars could be anything but a rabbit, but it’ s still interesting since Mars is only rocks and rusty sand (AFAWeK).
-The seedpods are disturbing yet interesting (unless they were manipulated/carved).
-I didn’ t quite get the haunted coffee pot thing.

Anyways, when looking at paranormal/conspiracy stuff watch out for jokes. There are more of them than the real thing (I know you already know, just a reminder…).

Provided polars bears fur is actually actallully clear. each hair is a clear tube and it has something to do with keeping it warm, but polars aren’t white, the snow just makes them appear that way, thats why in zoos they usually are a yelloish color.

One it could be a guy in a costume and two photoshopping stuff like that isn’t hard to do, I suspect the PS one cause the bars look odd compared to the bear.

The purple polar bear doesn’t appear to be fake, as BBC ran some video footage of it, and the AP has distributed photos, that can be found around the web.



There are others. I just searched Google for “purple polar bear.”


You know purple bears exist when your next door neighbor has a call monster called Ifrit he uses to light his grill to roast steaks with.-----

Man, my neighbour used to do that. It was creepy. Almost as bad as that time my ex-girlfriend resurrected Che Guevarra.

The medicine changed the color underneath its skin causing the fur to take the color purple as well. Awesome. I wonder if I can turn my cat purple… :smiley:

If you don’t know, and you want photoshopping, go to www.worth1000.com. It has some nice stuff.


EDIT: Was that spamming? Sorry!!

Actually just thinking now… you can turn your skin orange, or at least shades of it, by eating to much pumpkin, or too many carrots… “Beta Keratin” or something isn’t it?


You can also turn your skin red, if just temporarily, if you think Cherry Kool-Aid would be a good hair dye. I’ve seen this first hand, as one of the dumbest kids in our school thought he’d be cool and “dye his hair” in 6th grade. First he dunked his head in bleach for 10 mins (!), then in Cherry Kool-Aid for 10 mins (?). His hair, and scalp, were a very bright red for several weeks.