High School

Well the school years almost over and that means I will be going to Hell err…High School. I’ve just got a couple questions that need answeres. To pass you need to pass ALL of your classes right? Can you recieve any F’s at the end of the year and still pass? And also do you need a certain amount of credits to pass 9th, 10th, and 11th grade? I know you do for 12th grade. I just hope I can get 29 credits by then. That means I can only miss 3! Damn. High School is starting to worry me.

Just do the work, and study for the tests and you should be fine

Uh… F’s usually mean you fail, but that’s only if the semester averages to a failing grade, you can get an F one semester and still pass the class if you did exceedingly well the other semester. Becides the required 29 credits to graduate, there are also some required classes that you must take and pass to be able to graduate. These include classes like Economics, American Government, so many credits of English, so many credits of Math/Science/Historty/Gym/ect.

Word of advice to all of you upcoming high school students: I highly suggest that you don’t fuck around right off the bat and screw up a bunch of freshman credits. Not that I ever did that, but it’s sound advice that many of my fellow classmates would have been well advised to take when they had the chance, rather then to look back on it now wishing they had.

Doesn’t sound to bad. I’m sure it’ll be alright after a little while though.

Yes, don’t screw around freshman year, I did and I had to pay with it by working my ass off to get a decent GPA by senior year.

No pressure though, just do the work and study and you’ll do fine. And if you have trouble, talk to your teacher about it before its too late

High School’s a joke. Just do whatever it is you need to do. If you fail anything in HS, you’re a sad sad little person.

In the interests of equity, I’d like to add that not everyone may be as talented as yourself, and each year countless teens do fail to graduate, or are even left back a grade.

Even though people may fail, it doesn’t mean they’re “sad”. It could be due to many many factors. Please take that into consideration.

Equally true over here. High school was nothing compared to… well… normal school. :smiley:

College though, that’s a different matter.

I think that really depends on what high school you go to and what classes you take. AP classes can overwhelm even the most attentive student

I survived 5 simultaneous APs (chem , english lit, physics, calc and psych if you’re curious) while running the rebellion and having a semblant of a life with a couple gfs and vg’s. HS can be laughably pathetic if you take the opposite end of the class spectrum which still allows you to graduate. Even semi hard classes let you pass even if you just do the homework and doing the homework will generally allow you to at least pass the tests. Gimme a break.

I completly agree with Sin. Albeit I didn’t take any AP classes because I’m… lazy… But that’s becide the point.

Sin knew he’d get a lot of reactions. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seph: Perhaps you won’t think high school is a joke when you’ll be there, but when you’ll hit college/university, maybe, MAYBE, you’ll regret the good old days when you could finish your math/physics homework in 30 minutes and spend the rest of the weekend with your pals not worrying about school. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, as a bio major, I’m happy when I have midterms worth “only 30%” of my grade , which contrasts to HS when people freak at finals worth “10%”.

It depends on the class. A lot of my finals are worth 20-30% of my grade, but I am in some of the more advanced classes (well, the ones below the AP cources).

Every high school is different, every teacher is different, every class is different. It just depends on where you end up, I guess. The best advice anyone can give is to show up to class, do the work, and don’t be a jackass (because then you’re just annoying people).

Yeah, don’t worry about high school. Freshman year is, academically, probably easier than eighth grade.


I’ll be honest with you; I skipped the majority of my high school classes, and handed in as little work as possible. I still passed.

Yeah, I love that sort of stuff, like this exam is one of 2 you’ll take this semester, the second being the final. Both exams are only worth 50% of your grade. :smiley:

Midterms and finals determine wether you pass the course at my school. The grade you get on the report card doesnt even matter.

And highschool classes dont matter. You need a set number of credits to graduate. Some schools require you to take certain classes, in addition to credits, but not mine, and the others i know. So i guess you could take all gym and pass, though im sure you counselor would not let you.

If you fail a class (which is pretty damn hard) you still get advanced, but you must take the same course again, just instead of being, say a sophmore, you are taking a sophmore class as a junior.

The only time you get retained/summer school is when you are in danger of not getting enough credits to graduate. In that case, then yea, you can get held back or forced into summer school.

You’ll be fine, its fucking easy. Just make sure you fufill your requirments (if you have any) as fast as you can, so you can get an early dismissal pass in later grades. Like, next year, i get to leave at noon, since i will only need to take a few classes to meet my req. credits for that year. 8D

I wouldn’t say its a joke, as that isn’t a very good attitue to go into high school with, (i mean if you go into something thinking its overly easy, your not going to try hard). What im saying is just don’t be overconfindent, get a good GPA, and go to a college you want to go to.