Hideo Kojima is going to the frontlines of war


Heard about this a while ago. I say he’ll be fine. If not… I’d probably weep and go play MGS.

Hideo is either brilliant or insane.

Man, MGS4 is gonna be awesome.

Well, I suppose it’s a step up from (a) games where the enemies always react one way or the other no matter what, and (b) games where you directly choose one of these things one way or the other …

Definitely the former. And yes, its gonna rock some major ass. Are you getting Subsistence, bro?

The interesting thing is how the metal gear games are a mix of realism and completely wacky off the wall nonsense. Hiding in a box, controlling a robot that throws its enemies off guard by mooing and making horse sounds…

The player has no such control. Silly Vorpy.

Y’know, about the “death threats” thing … it occurs to me that this is a lot like people booing Bob Dylan when he went electric, except that gamers tend to speak more loudly (whilst carrying smaller sticks).

Wait, I don’t get it. He’s actually going to the front lines of war? I didn’t see anything about that in the article.

Not to mention people coming back to life after being shot in the head and chest (vamp), using hornets to attack people and lift people off bridges, and creepy hundred year old snipers that are “photosynthetic” and can talk to the forest.