Hullo! I can’t find an actual intro thread but when life gives you lemons, make your own thread. It seems I joined this forum a little while ago but forgot all about it, haha. (I’M SORRY, TAKE ME BACK.) Anyway, a little about me: I’m from Australia and my favourite game of all time is Suikoden II but I also like Breath of Fire, Star Ocean and Tales Of. What else…uh, my shoe size is 8? Also, let me just say that this thread is gold.

And a hullo to you good sir. Actually, I don’t think this site’s ever had a general introduction thread (or if it did, it was before my time). Either way, welcome and enjoy the crickets chirping. There really hasn’t been that much activity lately (excluding the last month or two, which was really odd).

Haha, thanks. Hopefully I can help change that.

Hey Quark, welcome to the Agora! :smiley: It’s good to have another aussie onboard! :stuck_out_tongue: Most of the guys here have moved on with their lives so are less involved here… although you’ll get the occasional outburst of activity.

Come to think of it, I haven’t logged in here in a while either…

Oh my god, it’s an intro thread.

Quick someone get 1000 posts so we can ask questions

That would take some extra-ordinary posting power. It would take… Setz.

Will 3.5 thousand posts work?

It’ll have to.

So close.

Yes. What is the best Zelda game and why (so that you don’t just say LA iirc)?