hi i'm new here

Greetings and welcome to RPGC!

Hades, learn some social tact. :thud:

Yea seriously, you sicko. At least I’m only eating her brains.

Leave that to Mew64


Hey there, and welcome. For future reference, it usually takes a little while to get replies on a message board, so you don’t need to post every few minutes. Someone will get around to reply eventually. Enjoy the boards and don’t mind the nonsense the weirdos throw at you, you’ll get used to it if you stick around.

much love,



Well anyhow,word. I’m Big Dizzy, or Dizzy for short, and I’m a relatively crazy person. I may not have split personalities, but I’m extremely paranoid about certain things. Mostly the government.

Have fun here.

Enjoy your stay here ^^

stuffs Hades in the trunk of a rental car and shoves it off a cliff into the Atlantic

Hello, welcome to the forum. Don’t feed the wildlife. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome.
I’m also one of the crazy ones (because everyone is one of the crazy ones), but I’m late for class, so you’ll just get a “Hello and welcome” for now.

Hello and welcome. Red Army parade to honor you.

Hello and welcome to RPGC,hope you enjoy your stay,and remember the golden rule,Don’t take anything seriously.

I am secretly planning everyone here’s death. But don’t tell anyone, it’s a big secret. Nya ha ha!

looking out over an imaginary horizon Its been a cold winter. Its good to see new people have braved the cold to come visit us her. Things are pretty straightforward around these parts. The news posts are dominant. Their are specific forums for everything, try not to start a thread in the wrong forum. If there is any semblence of a real topic left, try to stick to it. The whole double-posting thing is uncool (but we won’t hold past mistakes against you). Don’t dig up dead threads and [strike]fu[/strike]… um… post in them. Yeah… post in them.

Moving along. Welcome, and have fun.

hands Prineces0 a box of Wheaties with Shaq on the front and a squirtgun with “Fluffy” etched on the side that is filled with tabasco sauce

You might need these.

Hello! Boy, it’s been a while since I got to do this.

pulls on Magician’s Gloves



Oh, and welcome.

That’s odd, people actually seem to be being nice today, in a welcome thread… Oh well.

Anyway, welcome. Enjoy your stay, most of us here are pretty harmless, but there is the odd one or two that should be stayed away from at all costs. You should find out who soon enough. So like I said enjoy.

I’m always nice.

Yeah you better watch out for them…they hate Communism. ::dekar!::

Also, if you do this a lot netspeak is usually frowned upon and so is poor grammar. Don’t worry a lot of people don’t know when they first. join. Usually you can get away with a little if it’s not overused. I’ll stop my bitching now. Hello and enjoy your stay here. :wave:

Hi, Guys Prineces0 is Josaida one of my best friends. I told her about this site and she decided to register. Josaida, don’t pay no attention to all the silly stuff some people are going to post here.

oops umm i’m sorry for this post