Hi-ho, hi-ho, off to the movies we go!

THE HOBBIT movie finally official. Includes (partial) casting: http://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/2010/10/21/new-line-announces-hobbit-cast-confirms-martin-freeman-as-bilbo/

blinks 400 HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET?? That’s like twice “Titanic’s”!! O.O

I sure have high hopes for this film, I mean with a $400 million budget and all… who wouldn’t? However, in regards to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy… as they progressed they tended to drag on certain scenes (mostly evident in the third sequel, Return of the King.) Scenes where they tried to convey emotion for like 15 minutes straight switching from Frodo’s face to Harry’s face (and back and forth!)… I hope they reduce that in this film to a bare minimum. That’s the only minor concern I had with their films… apart from that, I can’t wait!!!

Well, the Hobbit is going to be just one movie, so let’s hope it fills out better. Oh and I wonder if the prose from the book will be included? You know like in the book, which starts with a narrator explaining what a Hobbit is, in very fairytalesque fashion. I liked that.

As for the budget, I’m assuming it will be spent mostly on the effects for Smaug. For that money, it’d better turn out to be the most awesome dragon in the history of cinema!

I don’t think it can top Bruce Lee, or even Ryu.