Hi everybody!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeello! I’m-a called Party Girl! Why? Hey, I’m the life of the party!

So, so? Who’s gonna say hi? :hyperven:

Try to steal this kitty’s spotlight, and you will find out why you must fear Pixy Stix.

Originally posted by StarStorm
Try to steal this kitty’s spotlight, and you will find out why you must fear Pixy Stix.

Oh, is that so? Am I supposed to be afraid? What do you take me for? 'Sides…that’s not a very nice intro!

Okay, seriously
Who’s fucking with me?
You expect me to GREET someone who’s more hyper and happy than barney? I mean, what the FUCK.
shakes head and walks off

Yeah? Well, I hate you too! Wht’s up with that? Why the heck are you obssessed with Barney anyway, Steve? Don’t jump anything down my throat! :enguard:

Abandon the Barney thing Steve, first of all it’s not that funny in the first place, second of all people have been making Barney jokes for about 8 years, and finally Barney jokes don’t lend themselves well to a message board. Stop the madness now!

Oh and hi Party Girl

Welcome to RPGC. Exits are located at the front and rear of the castle.

Not that it matters…no-one ever leaves. :mwahaha:

Why would I want to use the exits, GG? Not as if I’m gonna leave running, but if this Barney maddness continues, I might! Who the heck would use him, anyway? Oh yeah, hi by the way, Cloth Hat!

Hello and welcome. I already like you. Feel free to post your pic on the media forum within 24 hours, or else.

Maybe I shoulda phrased that better. Or looked up where it was WRONG to use something AS AN AVATAR. Sorry for trying to be a little funny. Guess there’s something wrong with it :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, Party Girl, it wasn’t anything personal. I’ll just give you the welcome I give everyone.


/me stabs Steve

Fair enough. Hello, Steve! Hello, Charlemagne! Oh yeah…I’m not posting my pic on the Media Forum, 'cause I don’t want anyone to see it. I’m not that pretty, and hackers identify people that way!

I like partying too :smiley: Ever try cocaine? We should really date :smiley:

welcome to RPGC

feed me.

click on homepage on this reply for fun times

and btw, drops a packet of sugar on the floor , you dropped your nametag. :slight_smile:

Hackers don’t care what people look like. They don’t even need pictures to identify people.
They just need IP addresses.
Chances are, they don’t care about someone on a random message board anyway.

Oh yeah, and no one here has been tracked down and killed because they posted their picture except for me. They stabbed me in the funny ;_;

Thats not sugar, its cocaine :smiley:

Date, Shinobi? Okay…cool with me! Wouldn’t mind going on one! Haven’t been for a while!

Oh yeah…where did you find my packet of sugar!? Are you the one who keeps nicking it off me!? And no I haven’t tried cocaine…

Still…I’m not sure if I should post my piccy…

Originally posted by Party Girl
And no I haven’t tried cocaine…
Why not?!

Originally posted by Party Girl
Still…I’m not sure if I should post my piccy…

Because…I don’t know. I’m not even sure what it is! And um…how can I post my piccy??