Hi All

I am new here and wanted to say Hi. Seems like you are all a lively bunch.

Hi. You probably shouldn’t make introductions on the media board. But whatever. Hi.

Wow, another Old Guy!

Err, I mean, Welcome to RPGC.

And yeah, introductory threads usually go in the Main Board… unless you just want to hang around this one.

Hello and welcome. :wave:

Lively whats s/he talking about? starts nibbling on my ear that just fell off hmmm preciousssss. Ahem, ello there have a nice stay here or ELSE.

Dear Lion,

Salve! Welcome and hello!

Feel free to share your creativity with us here.

much love,

P.S. Wil, you avatar through me off for a second until I looked at your sig.

Hello and welcome~ :enguard:

Greetings. You will make a fine addition to our human collection.

Welcome to the boards :slight_smile:

Howdy. Don’t let anyone scare you, they’re all talk. Ok, actually it is really scary here and you can never leave, run while you can!