Hhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You gonna need tissues there RPT?

DQ deserves to be on console, but this will do.

Sandwich and a bottle of water and I’m ready to start DQ7, Zero.

Did they speed up the intro so that it doesn’t take 3 hours just to get into a fight (although, just being on a system that isn’t the PSX alone should speed things up considerably)?

That said, I look forward to the day where I can finally beat DQVII.:victoly:


They’re giving it a new localization.

I wonder why? The playstation localization seemed just fine, from what I remember.

In any case, I’m going to wait and see if we get a version on Android.

It was serviceable, but also very dry due to being a massive game and the localizers at the time not really being given enough time to make it shine (beyond places like the dialogue used with the Quick Joke skill).

That, and also to update the spells/skill lists with the series current naming scheme (no more Blaze/Blazemore/Blazemost).

I’ll admit that Nintendo Direct pretty much forgave all of E3. With the earlier release of both Earthbound, Earthbound Zero (Or beginnings for the eShop version), there’s Mother 3 coming out as well in Japan! An English version on top of all of this Dragon Quest goodness and one would be set for life! (Make those 3DS versions too!)

Now, I think I remember some discussions in the chatroom about potential Smash Characters.


(Wait, are we actually talking about classic RPGs on a site called RPGClassics?)

^Now they just need to include Goku, Kratos and Master Chief and the cycle will be complete.

That said…

the stage does look neat.


I need to get you guys some fucking stool softeners.

This year’s Black Friday deals was all the weak poop I needed, thanks.

You can get Shadow Complex for free on Windows-Mac during the holidays, so all´s not that bad. It was the one Xbox game I wanted to play.

DQVII / DVIII getting localised is amazing - if only they could do Rocket Slime too that would be great.

edit: stupid client signup required - relatively painless though slow.

Either way though, it got me to save money that I otherwise would’ve spent, which is good because apparently every single RPG developer currently in existence decided that this is the season to release their game of the current console generation, with a bunch further deciding to give their releases super hyper ultra mega deluxe special limited collectors’ alpha editions mark 2 turbo.