Hey ya'll

[Welcome, Cless_the_Moogle.
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Yeah, it has been a while.

It’s good to be back here with the RPGC community, and now that I have a stable ISP (after months of begging to my parents, of course), I should be staying for a while. I can chat in the chat room again, post here in the agora, and

TD: …finish your shrine, CtM. :ah-ha!:

…yeah, I probably should do that…since it has been over two years now… :hahaha; Anyways, I’m finally a high school senior, and I’m looking forward to my last year before college (LAST BAND CAMP EVAH!!! WOOT! MY TURN TO DO FRESHMAN INITIATIONS!) Of course, I’m looking forward to the college life, but that’s still a ways off. (suckas!)

Anyways, the real reason I’m posting here tonight is that I need some help with running multiple programs that require local proxies. (Did that make sense?) My new ISP is Everyone’s Internet, and by far it’s the best dial-up ISP in Houston. The thing is, they offer a web page acceleration program called WebJet that uses a compression routine when sending webpages from their proxy server to my browser. It’s pretty neat, and I do notice a significant improvement in page load times, even with a dial-up connection. However, I also want to use a program called The Proxomitron (some of ya’ll may have heard of/use this), a html filter. Both require my browser (IE) to use custom proxy settings in order to use the programs’ services. My question is: Is there a way I can use both? I’ve tried to configure both to use the same port number on “localhost”, but to no avail. I can use both seperately, but when activated at the same time, the program my browser is set to port through effectively cancels out the other (in this case, webjet takes precedence over proxomitron.) Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and it’s great to be back (again).

:moogle: CtM :hyperven:

Whoa! It’s CtM!

Dude. Story.

is boggles by cless’s computer talk

mog why arnt you that smart.

:moogle: eatting fritto’s what i can be smart if i want.

then why dont you get a job like the other moogles and give me back my fritos.

:moogle: screw you! runs off with frittos

… well crap.

anyway nice to meet you cless :’) :moogle:

Hey Sith.

Sorc: I’ll start one as soon as I see some fresh willing blood at the Free RP forums. The Adventures haven’t been so successful as of late.

Hi there. We don’t know each other and Im sorry that I cant answer your question, but I’ve seen your name tossed around before and apparently you have been missed :slight_smile:

Welcome back man. :smiley:

: Mr. Waving Smilie screams ‘It’s alive!’ and hides behind Merlin.

Choughs WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO??! (It’s better being heard but i’ve lost my mike)

Big Nutter
I’ll say hi after yar Does. You’ll see

Are me and you ( Cless) the only band ppl here?

Band Camp RULES!!

only 3 weeks until mine starts.
when does yours start?

That’s a big moogle.



luke: well, kagato’s also in the marching band, but I haven’t seen him around much (I think he’s in college). Our band’s freshman camp was a couple of weeks ago, and the main camp starts around July 30th (some 4 days after my birthday)


Well I guess a good welcome back is in order, CtM.

But I really can’t be asked, to do that sort of thing. So I’ll let some else do it.

I’m in (a) band D:

i’ll do it !! :’))

even though tecnicly i dont know him.

i’ll do what i always do when i meet somone!!

please enjoy my welcome dance.

:moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle:

<(’.’ <) <( ‘.’ )> (> ‘.’)> <( ‘.’ )> <(’.’ <) <( ‘.’ )> (> ‘.’)>

Meh, the Kirby dance has been overdone. (Whose sig had the kirby dance originally? I can’t remember.)

Steve, you don’t count. :get it?:

Oh yeah. Hey soldier.

Edit: This may sound somewhat selfish, but I really need help with my proxy problem. REALLY.

Either Sorc or Cold Hell. No wait. CH was the blackmage dance.

Anyways, hi there. This once again raises our number of moogles back to 2!

Two moogles, DT?

Are you speaking of Mog?

I have no idea who you are but anyway, hello.

yeah i know i overused the kirby dance.

but i dident think three kirbys would be good enough

so i did seven instead.

… whats a proxy?? :moogle:

Proxy was the name of the Martian Pony on Jupiter. :thud: