Hey! This isn't chicken!!!

Who would you rather have make you a footlong sub? Kuja, Cloud, or, hmm, lemme think…JEFFREY DAHMER!!! Here’s a clue: if it looks like a foot, smells like a foot, and tastes like a foot, IT’S A FOOT! Also, SUGAR IS GOOD FOR YOU! I’M NOT THE ONE WITH A PROBLEM! EAT MORE SUGAR! YOU’LL LIVE LONGER!!! (sprinkles pixie stix on everybody)

Point of this thread being ??? -_-;;

Actually, nothing I do has a point. HAVE PITY ON ME!!!

Counting down the stupid, unfunny threads until you get banned.

EDIT: No wait! Yes we have pity on you…for stumbling into the empire of intelligence that is RPGC (that’s debatable) which is clearly not for you:cool:

Gosh…that was mean…I’m gonna go talk to my therapist now…sniffle…

We’re here to help you


Dear God… idiocy has went and gotten worse.


Pointless and useless threads. whoo scary-

I don’t know what’s more retarded, the idiots who go FREE POST like kindergarden children or the original topic.