Hey, speaking of parties.

::Points to GG:: I live by him.

Although the odds that either sets of our parents would say ok the the question “could we go to a party with a bunch of people we only know via the internet in Mass?” is pretty slim.

CT, however, we wouldn’t need permission for…

BTW, I’m pushing for June, if anyone is actually going to make this happen anyway.

I’ve got a car, so i could go.

I can probalbhy go, as long as the party isn’t more than three states over. Even then, it might be pushing it. And I KNOW you all want to meet me. I knwo GG does.

I knwo GG does.

::Points to GG:: I’m with him.

Hah, stupid minors :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully I’ll be able to go. We’ve got a spare car, and I’d like the opportunity to drive somewhere more than an hour away (and try not to get lost in the process). Just as long as I don’t need to be working or at home for a summer course and my parents let me…


I say we have it in the middle of the east coast. Say, VA. Meh, NM. I probably wouldnt be able to go anyway.